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A Sky full of Stars : A Short Story on Introvert, Solitude and Love

It was a cold winter morning in Delhi as I woke up to the usual rants of my father about how lazy I was....

The Zero: Revealing the Magic in Life

Something that sounds so mathematical yet is as real and philosophical as it should be. "The Zero", is finally here!!! Our very first article...

The Tearful Echo of Love

Like any other day, the morning of 9th of October 2015 was all about my daily schedule and the everyday workload. I had my...

A Catful of Observation

One fine day… I don’t know as if to call it a fine day or otherwise but let’s assume it was a fine day....

5 Principles Successful People Know That Can Change Your Life

When it comes to knowing stuff, we are all skilled enough to search the Internet or ask our parents or friends, but there are...

The Progressive Stages of Life

Hello Friends, A few days before i had a strange thought process circling my mind.I was as usual sitting on a chair and thinking something...
The Race Against Time

The Race: A Game of Life???

Hello Friends, Your most awaited theory is Here...I know you must have been really eager to know what is this RACE i am talking about,right??Before...

TIME: An Illusion OR A Reality?

"Once Upon a Time"...We often start our stories with this statement and i cant even guess how many times i came across this one..but...
Why Do Different Situations Affect People? by Akshay Varma | ThinkwizardX

Article : Why Do Different Situations Affect People?

Why Do Different Situations Affect People Every now and then I meet people who are stressed, upset and confused about their situations in life. There...
Why We Do What We Do? by Akshay Varma | ThinkwizardX

Why We Do What We Do? – An Article That Answers Your Questions

Why We Do What We Do? - An Article That Answers Your Questions! This is Akshay Varma and on this platform I feel absolutely amazing...

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