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The Blind Friend Who Changed My Life

The Blind Friend Who Changed My Life: A Short Story on Students and Career

The professor entered the class and introduced himself. Being my first day at college, I was thrilled and nervous at the same time. I...
One Cup of Mocha - A Story of Two Worlds

One Cup of Mocha : A Story of Two Worlds

Excerpt from Jeon: A Survivor Who Did Not Survive It was late at night when she was walking along the sidewalk, lost in her own thoughts. The...

The Lost Bonds : The Story of a Silly Prank

How can you do this to me? I never anticipated something so hurtful to come from you. Please. Let me explain. I know what you...

The Flow: The Unstoppable Path of Life

This has been a great journey for me so far and also it must have been quite an adventure for you all. I hope....
The Black Diary

The Black Diary : A Journey from Injustice to Freedom

(With the first ray of the Sun, Priya woke up to a new and fresh day. People say," Every day is a new beginning",...
What if we are Wrong?

What if – We Are Wrong?

I was at peace. Calm. My mind seemed to be stable, more than ever. I could hear my heartbeat, loud and clear. I could...

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