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Habits And Future

Poem #2 : Habits And Future

Poem When habits become a hurdle, and your decision part ways. When thoughts make you tremble, and your hope dies away. Then the soul challenges you, to keep your belief...

Poem #1 : Soul And Survival

Poem I peeled off the soul, to please my desire. I scratched off the art, that projected my arrival. How cruel I was to question my existence when I was the...
Story Rant

The Flesh Prison

A Story Rant on "Flesh Prison" Flesh Prison is a self explanatory term so I am not going to tell you about that. If you...

BESIEGED: The Barricades of Friendship in the Trial of War (Episode 1)

In a land far far away from the Indian Ocean, there is a small country of fertile plains, majestic mountains and jeweled deserts. The...
The Silent Murder: A Mystery of Canvas and the Red Woman

The Silent Murder: A Mystery of Canvas and the Red Woman (Episode 1)

Scene One “Excuse me, ma’am. There is someone outside asking for an appointment with you.” said the maid as she entered Synthia’s room. Synthia sat in...

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