About Us

Whenever you stumble upon motivational and inspirational content on blogs and podcasts, you carry some expectations. You expect those articles and audio programs to help you find answers to your major questions. You also expect that the content gives you an opportunity to experience change and share it with the world. Normally, people seek quick tricks and tips to get what they want. One stop solution for all your issues, is that not what you want? Would that not be amazing? Hell Yes! But unfortunately there is no quick way around success or becoming a leader in life.

Some will define this path, as a path which brings troubles and pain your way in exchange for your success. Some define it like a constant endurance where you give up on your greeds and embrace your deeds. Rational thinking and emotional connection with your goals is a must for 21st Century dreamers. Philosophy and Curiosity might be superior by themselves, however; when philosophy combines itself with curiosity for rational ideas, they create magic together. Good news! We all can experience the magic, with few steps towards self growth and self awareness. That is why, we exist. ThinkwizardX or TWX is dedicated towards boosting your level of existence, your standard of life and bring you all the great stuff which help you become a true leader, that people will want to follow.

Today, humanity is dealing with a hell lot of stuff. Personal Life, Science and Technology, #Unspoken things and many others have now become a part of our lives. It is impossible to picture our lives without including some or all of the above mentioned entities. Everything seems interesting and mysterious. However, when it comes to choosing one of the above, people often stumble. Making a choice, is not easy. In your early school life, you perhaps remember witnessing a magic trick for the very first time. You believed it. You felt awesome. Just watching someone do magic felt, mind boggling. So is the case when you begin to feel the magic in life. How are some people amazingly successful while others are mere holding up onto their remaining days of life, just waiting for death? Is that how you wish to live your life? Probably not. There is a deep truth about the world we live in, and that truth is just waiting for you to figure itself out. ThinkwizardX has been on this mission to help you see the truth and experience it yourself.

Magicians are not born, they are made. Similarly, there is magic in you. Always was. But you never are born with the skill and knowledge of how to use that magic. You need to learn how to use it effectively and in a way that is supports the growth of the entire world. Everybody reading this right now, is a Wizard. Because everybody who is reading this can create magical experiences. That someday there will come a time, when people see your magic and they ask,”How did you do that?” and your answer will be, “It’s Magic.” or you can say,”It’s the Real Magic. It is the outcome of your efforts and self realization.”

People ridicule the powerless until they master the crafts of life. Then, they own the power to make or break their life by choice. When a physically challenged person, realistically or metaphorically, overcomes the hurdles of his or her limitations, nothing seems impossible. Unfortunately, most people have forgotten their magic. They have lost the belief and faith needed to bounce back into the game. However, it only needs a push. That slight push which might help you get on track with your life, is ThinkwizardX.

We welcome you whole-heartedly to our world of possibilities. We have great content lined up for you. We hope that our efforts to bring a change in your come fruitful. We also hope that this website gives you way more knowledge and life hacks as possible.

Good luck with your future.
Keep reading and Keep inspiring.

Akshay Varma,
Founder Writer, ThinkwizardX