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Founder & CEO

Akshay Varma
Founder & CEO, ThinkwizardX

Akshay Varma is a professional writer, blogger and author in the genre of life and nature of living. He is a nature loving person who finds his passion in exploring the mysteries of universe and the seeking the answers to hidden secrets of life. He is a dreamer and a visionary person. His mission is to travel through experiences of life and leave an impact on this world to reflect upon.

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Whenever there is something on the web regarding Motivation and Inspiration naturally there are expectations from the people that it would give them what they longed for all their life also people seek something that would change their lives instantly and perhaps create a better world to live in. Philosophy and Curiosity are superior in themselves but when they come together they create magical things which we cannot imagine at ground scale because it really needs boundless levels of awareness and imagination which is unfortunately rare in this world at present but still in plenty!!! ThinkwizardX is not only dedicated towards increasing your level of Awareness but also to boost your level of Imagination.

In this world, we are dealing with lots and lots of things viz. Life, Science and Philosophy and everything seems so interesting and mysterious when one goes deep into the basics of it. Science and Life are linked in a way that both are beautiful and divine in their respects but also both overlap in their domains. And it all starts at the moment when one feels Magical attractions towards its beauty. Remember when you saw any magic trick and wondered how beautiful and interesting it looks!!! And when you think deep and realize the hidden truth in it, you feel its even more beautiful the way it is performed. This is the significance of this world…this is the story of ThinkwizardX !!!

Everybody reading this is a Wizard in itself. Everybody reading this can create Magical things and many of them are doing it this very moment. Our World is a Magical world. When a person puts in; his dedication and hard-work for achieving a certain goal, nothing seems impossible. When a physically challenged person overcomes the hurdle of limitations in his life and emerge powerfully to guide others, nothing seems impossible. When a poor man who once was unable to buy food and clothes for the family now lives in his own bungalow and helps the other poor people to achieve the same, nothing seems impossible. These and many more stories reflect the magical powers in a human being. Every single person has enough potential energy to rise above any sort of dreams. But there is one crucial thing that plays a key role in this process of doing magical things, that is Effective Thinking…!!!

Today most of the people in this magical world avoid a second thought to their situations. Some totally rely on others to think and act, while some who think for themselves are induced to think depending on others and ignore their own thinking abilities. So this website combines your thinking power with your magical powers to make you a “THINKWIZARDX” and change this entire world through your innovations and ideas.

Akshay Varma
Founder, ThinkwizardX