The following stories and articles are based on the genre of motivation. Motivation is analogous to fuel when it comes to smooth functioning of our lives. People with the ability to motivate self, lead the path to success. Learn and know the secrets of motivation. Let's get started!

Screw the Beauty Standards: A Story That Shames Body-Shaming

Screw the Beauty Standards: A Story that Shames Body-Shaming

"I am thinking of using Jane's body as a model to study biology. I mean she could be a good skeleton." Rob says, loud enough for me to hear. Everyone else start jeering at...
A Story about "Just Another Normal Kid"

A Story about “Just Another Normal Kid”

When humans shift to the side of treachery and fell for greed, ego and under the influence of addictive attractions, terrible things occur in life. There are people who succeed and people who fail...
When A Soul Begins To Question

When A Soul Begins to Question

Where lies the leader in you, he asked me. In this world of followers, Searching for hands to guide your hollow path. Where lies the satisfaction in you, he asked me. in the midst of greediness to gain the touch of...
A Sky full of Stars

A Sky full of Stars

It was a cold winter morning in Delhi as I woke up to the usual rants of my father about how lazy I was. I slowly got up from my bed as I went...

The Zero: Revealing the Magic in Life

Something that sounds so mathematical yet is as real and philosophical as it should be. "The Zero", is finally here!!! Our very first article in the series was, "The Darkness", and it focused on...
The Race Against Time

The Race: A Game of Life???

Hello Friends, Your most awaited theory is Here...I know you must have been really eager to know what is this RACE i am talking about,right??Before beginning i would like to tell you that this is...
Why We Do What We Do?

Why We Do What We Do?

Originally Published on 13 September 2013 Hello Friends, This is Akshay and here i feel absolutely amazing to share something which is indeed need of the hour. These are my ideas based on my Observations, Experience...

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