The following stories and articles are based on the social matters and activities of a society. Society plays a major role in shaping the lives of people and the world. Read some of the best illustrations of the massive scale effects of society on our day to day lives. Let's get started!

The Mask

The Mask : Revealing Invisible Layers of Life

Similar to the craze generated during the World Cups, this article was the most awaited one for me. I know you all have been hearing this for a long timeā€¦ and perhaps wondering what...
Screw the Beauty Standards: A Story That Shames Body-Shaming

Screw the Beauty Standards: A Story that Shames Body-Shaming

"I am thinking of using Jane's body as a model to study biology. I mean she could be a good skeleton." Rob says, loud enough for me to hear. Everyone else start jeering at...
Will You Accept Me As Your Friend?

Will You Accept Me As Your Friend?

We all have our memories from the past. We store each and every moment in a storehouse deep in our consciousness. Time and again, we go back down the memory lane and visit this...
A Tale of Love and Freedom

Strawberry Swing: A Tale of Love and Freedom

I strain to hold myself forward to be as close to the window as possible but my back offers resistance and pulls me backward towards the soft feel of the seat. The sound of...
A Story about "Just Another Normal Kid"

A Story about “Just Another Normal Kid”

When humans shift to the side of treachery and fell for greed, ego and under the influence of addictive attractions, terrible things occur in life. There are people who succeed and people who fail...
A Sky full of Stars

A Sky full of Stars

It was a cold winter morning in Delhi as I woke up to the usual rants of my father about how lazy I was. I slowly got up from my bed as I went...
The Race Against Time

The Race: A Game of Life???

Hello Friends, Your most awaited theory is Here...I know you must have been really eager to know what is this RACE i am talking about,right??Before beginning i would like to tell you that this is...
Why Do Different Situations Affect People?

Why Do Different Situations Affect People???

Hello Friends, Every now and then i meet people stressed, upset and confused about their situations in life.Now there can be many other reasons for such situations like any kind of mistake by ourselves that...

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