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The Lost Connection

The Lost Connection – Tribute To A Lost Friend (Episode 01)

I know you exist in the multiverse and I know you there. I. Somewhere in Tamilnadu... (year 1994 ) "I cannot see her in pain. I just cannot." George was yelling around in the corridors of the...

The Road To Perfection: A Dilemma between Intellect and Emotions

Have you carefully observed a railway track? Or wondered about how does it maintain the equal distance miles after miles? A little distraction, and you meet an accident. I was pondering on this thought....

The Unforgiven : A Road To Redemption

It is raining today and I wonder what the world thinks when it does. I sit here, on this pavement waiting for no one. Alone. When it rains, all I can think of is...
Screw the Beauty Standards: A Story That Shames Body-Shaming

Screw the Beauty Standards: A Story that Shames Body-Shaming

"I am thinking of using Jane's body as a model to study biology. I mean she could be a good skeleton." Rob says, loud enough for me to hear. Everyone else start jeering at...
A Tale of Love and Freedom

Strawberry Swing: A Tale of Love and Freedom

I strain to hold myself forward to be as close to the window as possible but my back offers resistance and pulls me backward towards the soft feel of the seat. The sound of...
A Sky full of Stars

A Sky full of Stars

It was a cold winter morning in Delhi as I woke up to the usual rants of my father about how lazy I was. I slowly got up from my bed as I went...

The Zero: Revealing the Magic in Life

Something that sounds so mathematical yet is as real and philosophical as it should be. "The Zero", is finally here!!! Our very first article in the series was, "The Darkness", and it focused on...

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