Why I Choose To Celebrate My Birthday At Child Orphanage?

To celebrate your birthday with your family is common; but to spread happiness with people who need it the most is rare. Here is a real life story that projects light on a new perspective. Read on to know why I chose to celebrate my birthday with orphanage children and why you should too.

Birthday Celebration At Child Orphanage
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Birthday Celebration At Child Orphanage

One day, I was having lunch with my friends in a hotel. We had been regularly getting together for lunch in the same hotel for the past couple of months. That made the staff there quite familiar to us. They allowed us to chitchat for a while, long after we were done eating. It was then that I had an observation.

After lunch, I was just observing the small mess (a small hotel) in front of the hotel where a boy I had known for a while, worked as a waiter. I knew him as I had been to the mess a couple of times. He was a guy in his twenties, nearly my age.

He had been working at that mess for the past three to four years. It seemed to me that being a waiter was his only source of earning. Earning, not only in terms of money but also in terms of friends. He basically didn’t have any relatives and was working to support himself. He actively worked at the mess for the whole day, and slept in a room inside the mess itself. The mess owner allowed him to sleep because it gave that boy a shelter for living and also it ensured the security of the mess.

So while I was casually watching him work, one of my friends started the topic of my birthday which was due next month i.e. in March. They started discussing the venues for the birthday party. As I was having this discussion with them, I felt a bit ambivalent as the idea of my birthday celebration and the life of that boy working in the mess, who was completely deprived of occasions like birthdays, occupied my head. That small incident gave me a sort of hint from within, that I must celebrate my upcoming birthday with the people who have never experienced it in life. So that is when I decided to celebrate my birthday in an orphanage.

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I decided to visit a child orphanage on Sinhgad Road, with some of my college friends. This particular orphanage was chosen because one of my own friends had been there before a couple of times. That gave us an idea of the number of children residing there and accordingly we arranged gifts, pastries, notebooks and standard compass boxes for all of them.

Birthday Celebration At Child OrphanageUpon reaching the orphanage, we entered a small room where all the children sat quietly. We found that there was already another birthday celebration going on; it was the birthday of a small girl nearly 4 to 5 years of age. The people at the orphanage gave the children some snacks in a dish and a slice of birthday cake. Seeing the children already having their lunch, we were a bit anxious since we brought pastries and stuff for them as well. We didn’t know what would happen.

Just then, the birthday girl’s father approached us and happily told us that we could celebrate both the birthdays together. That gave us some relief and we hastily opened up all the stuff that we brought for them. We opened the pastry boxes and started giving out dishes to each one of them. They enjoyed the pastries and seeing them happy, we felt the happiness as well. After the celebration of the birthday, we distributed the notebooks and compass boxes among them.

Birthday Celebration At Child OrphanageThe smile on the cute faces of those children made my day. Frankly, not just mine but it made our day. Many of them were opening the compass boxes with a sign of excitement on their faces. Seeing them excited, made me happy too. We talked with the children, asked their names, what they liked, who are their best friends and about school life. They all responded positively. One of the girls asked my friend if we could visit them again someday. That one moment was the most special to me. True happiness is when you receive a word-full of happiness from the ones who were deprived of it in the beginning of their life.

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I secured amazing scores in my academic life in school as well as in my college. I was happy for my academic performance and for my performance in Volleyball team of college. One of my happiest moments was when two of my research papers got published internationally. However, this smile and the expression full of joy that I saw on the face of that little girl alone made me a thousand times happier than the combined happiness all my life. It was then that I realized, the impact of making a positive change in someone else’s life is way too holy and powerful than making a change in ourselves.

Birthday Celebration At Child OrphanageMy feelings for the birthday song which was sung for me by the children there is something I cannot describe in words. The affection and humbleness with which the children sang, made me realize how soft and clear heart they possessed for others, and such a right development of their character and personality since childhood will mould them into wonderful human beings in the future. Our only role is to just give them a helping hand and a righteous attitude. Giving others some of it, gives us more of it.

Through this special experience, I can totally relate to the virtue of a sentence that I once wrote in the past. I want you to remember this for the rest of your life –

“Be not impressed by money, social status or job title. Be impressed by the way someone treats other human beings.”

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