Why Do Different Situations Affect People???

Every day people behave differently when faced with different situations. Know the mechanism by which people are affected and how they change the way they live their lives.

Why Do Different Situations Affect People?

Hello Friends,
Every now and then i meet people stressed, upset and confused about their situations in life.Now there can be many other reasons for such situations like any kind of mistake by ourselves that ruins the whole segment or any unnatural incidence but somewhere or the other i think one ultimate cause for such situations is i think can be sum up in one line… “Today in this 21st Century People are more affected by others than by themselves!!!” It is probably a fact and i hope many of you reading this would agree too.We all experience such situations when we feel like something strange is happening in our life…We are clueless about it.We are confused and stressed regarding the same.But why does it happen…i mean why are we affected by others perspective when already we know we will be affected…!!! Yes,some people know they will get affected drastically but still there is something which drives them towards such a situation…!!! So i thought it would be really important if i could present a realistic theoretical idea which gives us a satisfying answer to our question…our concern…!!! Lets start then… (This is by far the best explanation i could come with to reason this concern.So,it may arise questions which are welcomed because i that’s the whole idea – To arrive at Conclusions to Theory)

My Theory:

Any situation that exist in your life right now or it existed before or will happen may it be good one or a bad one are all originated from a single person.That person can be anyone.That person can be you yourself or any of your friends or any of your relatives.Now basically what happens is that whenever a person thinks about something may it be Good or Bad it doesn’t matter it creates a hypothetical Sphere whose center is the person.Now because there is nothing Real in life i mean there is nothing in this world which we can describe exactly as it is…we only can present one of the possibility of its existence.For Example this theory is not the absolute way of reasoning the concern it is just one of the possible way of looking at the concern.So if nothing is real the sphere originating from the person exists only in your frame of reference.It implies each and every person has a unique sphere to act upon.Now just imagine your friend thinking about something then he will generate a unique sphere in your frame of reference which will either expand or contract.If it expands continuously it will affect more and more people and if it contracts it will affect less and less people and eventually will come to an End. When the person thinks something initially it expands to reach people around.When somebody in its vicinity witness the sphere something strange happens…Now it depends on you how you react to it…!!!

Case I:

If you are in favor of that thought and you let your conscious mind to think on the very same topic then it supports the sphere.If i compare the expanding of sphere to a wave and your reaction to it as another wave then in this case the waves are in phase and will support the expansion.Now you will be affected by the sphere bcoz you are a part of it…!!!

Case II:

If you are not in favor of that thought your mind ignores the effect of thought on itself.In this case the two waves are out of phase so in a way they cancel each other out.It will not support the thought and the sphere will contract in your frame of reference.Eventually it will end by itself.Now you will not be affected by it because you are not a part of sphere.You ignored its effect right away. Now this were the case when either you are completely in or completely out of the sphere but what when you are both sides..when you are confused about the thought of person…Well this depends on the phase of your Wave..!!! (For this you need to understand some Wave physics)

Fine. So now we have a theory which explains the concern.But till now we only have discussed cases when the other person does not know whether the sphere is good or bad for him.Why people react to it knowing it will turn out to be bad…??? We have our own perspectives towards any thought but the responsibility of reacting to it is not just a typical thinking brain but something different draws us towards it…What is it that pulls us to itself without our consent??? Its some kind of attraction,right??When the sphere is generated in our frame of reference…where does it rests??? In the Air…??? No It rests on a Plane…In fact it is at rest until gravity introduces itself…When a person is biased and something drives his thought apart from his own will at that time S/he bends the plane at an angle.More the angle more is the effect of gravity on the sphere generated in our frame of reference…!!!
Oh…i realize this theory proved to be more intense for some people than the previous one.In short this theory concludes, “Instead of blaming others for sad situations or blaming life itself to be so cruel to you…you should blame yourself.You are the creator of your future this is as true for your Success and Happiness as it is for your Sadness and Failure.”

Thank you for reading and i hope you liked it…!!!

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