Namaste Thoughts (Volume 1)

    Namaste Thoughts (Volume 1)
    Ever wondered how the world would be in the 22nd Century? Ever wondered how will the people react to changes occurring all round the planet? We have been through a great deal of advancements in the field of Science and Technology in the past and whole lot of revolutions as well but the year 2056 is about to experience a Thought Revolution, when the people of this country will go through a huge flow of unimaginable ideas which were never ever touched before.
    After the entire world is hit by a terrifying World Crisis in the early 21st Century, that affected the economic as well as the mental state of people, a specific section of the society comes forward to make an impact by using the most developed ways of amplifying the inner abilities of a person.
    This is a story about how a father and a son together sets out on a journey with a hope and a burning desire to change the backbone of the driving force in the country. This is the depiction of how the two of them, dedicate their entire life and career for building up an entire new kind of system for the country.
    This is an initiative by ThinkwizardX, which is focused on exploring the hidden secrets in the ocean of thoughts and inspiring millions to see through the thoughts, helping them in receiving the revolutionary principles of life which ultimately becomes the backbone of success.