F.A.Q. – Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Who are you?

We are an exceptional team of writers trying to make a difference through stories, articles and other services that empower budding writers to take one step ahead towards shaping their future. ThinkwizardX began as an Idea under the leadership of Akshay Varma, Founder & CEO and now is growing at a steady pace.

2. What do you do?

We publish tens of stories, articles, resources and many more awesome content every month. Our stories are written on various genres and lifestyle. We are fighting against the stereotypes and act as a voice for the ones who need to be heard. We are expanding into major domains of work as we grow further.

3. Where can I find you on Social Networks?

You can connect with us on various social media platforms. We provide regular updates and announcements for job openings on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Follow up to the links below to connect with us.

Connect with ThinkwizardX :
Facebook : http://facebook.com/thinkwizardx
Twitter : http://twitter.com/thinkwizardx
Instagram : http://instagram.com/twx_official

Meet Our Founder :
Facebook : http://facebook.com/akthewriter
Instagram : http://instagram.com/ak_the_writer

4. How can I contact your team for query or feedback?

You can email us at thewriter@thinkwizardx.com to leave a feedback or enquire about any query. We respond to every mail in 2-3 business days.

5. How can I contribute my work towards ThinkwizardX?

You can chose to Submit Your Story or Write with us for a specific period of time. We conduct Internships every few months where we select one Intern from the hundreds of applications we receive.
You can opt in at our website to submit your work or send in your resume and cover letter to apply for our company. For any further query, leave us an email at thewriter@thinkwizardx.com

6. Does ThinkwizardX take in Interns? If yes, how can I apply?

We conduct Internships every few months on Internshala. Several hundreds of writers apply for the same every time and we select only one (maximum two Interns) for a duration of one month. We carefully dedicate our time and value in helping the Intern learn many new concepts and provide necessary tools to start his/her own blogging career.
We also conduct several other working opportunities with various training modules //Coming-Soon. If you are interested in learning about Blogging, Marketing, WordPress or Content Creation, leave us your message with required info on our email at thewriter@thinkwizardx.com

7. Is the Internship Work From Home or In Office?

Our Internships are Work From Home based Internships since we can correspond with you online.

Can you not find your answer in the above list? Submit your questions to us via email at thewriter@thinkwizardx.com

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