The Flow: The Unstoppable Path of Life

The Flow is the undisturbed, unshaken, and silent and the most energetic path in your life. Join me on this unstoppable adventure to know how you can become one.

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The FlowThis has been a great journey for me so far and also it must have been quite an adventure for you all. I hope. I believe. Now, there are two ways in which i could have begun this new wave. One would be to start by presenting to you some updates over how well we all have come so far and showcasing our level of achievement so that we get a satisfying feel before we begin the main content. Yes, that sounds pretty good. What about this? I start with a few exaggerated words like,” Here is the greatest mystery unfolded in front of your eyes” or maybe by saying,” The solution to all your problems is here.” This sounds pretty cool as well. But, my motive was never to sound cool moreover why just sound good when we can be the best we can be? This article, similar to the ones I published earlier carries something special from my life, it carries with it a part of me, and it holds in it the simplest but the craziest way to live.

A few months ago, when I released “The Zero“, it was a great success as I heard from the ones who read it. But there was something missing, or so I felt. The Zero indeed was an eye opener to the world out there who read the article, trying to make a difference by identifying the moments in their life which lead to their rise or result in their fall was the sole motive behind it. But amidst all this, the whole portion of what the path to rise or fall looks like remained unexplored. It was not an accident though which led to the establishment of “The Flow“; it was in fact an Incident that took place on a busy highway one fine day. Let’s begin our story . . .

“The Flow”, is probably the most explored article I have written. You may say it is the one article that only appears once a year or something if not for the lap of 76 years (with due respect to Halley’s Comet). Every time I publish an idea, there is this strange and somewhat crazy source which plants a seed of thoughtfulness deep inside my brain. And eventually as days pass by, the idea gets nourished by many lively experiences that ultimately lead to the foundation of an article. Similarly, the story that led the foundation for this idea, took place at a nearby highway.

Now, follow me closely because as far as we all know, highway is indeed a dangerous place to wander, and I don’t want anyone among you to suffer the consequences. (What I mean is – there are chances that you get hit by something in your way that eventually may hurt you a lot. The highway I am talking about doesn’t represent objects the way we know them. For example, getting hit by a car would mean struck by one of life’s opportunity) Well I said before, this is crazy stuff. So follow me closely as I unfold the mysteries that lie on a highway.

Imagine yourself, walking along a highway. As I say this, you immediately start imagining yourself walking on a highway, but on the left side, more safe than you would wish for, isn’t it? Now, What if I ask you to be center- aligned with the highway? You are just reading this; still few of you who have good imagination and sensitivity may tremble at the very sight of walking on a highway, amidst those high speed trucks and cars. There is no need for me to explain to you, how great an adventure it might prove for you, just in case if you are lucky. This is the plot for our imagination. So, now what happens? Any guesses?

One person would jump to conclusions saying,” It’s a death trap.” Others may say,” This is a stupid Idea!!!” And then one after the other people will criticize you for behaving crazy and risking your life that way. Imagine we take a still from the live action and there you stand surrounded by a whole bunch of people, around you in a circle starring at you with a face that seem more of a puzzle than a human. And just then, a car with a high speed passes by almost blowing you off the road!!! You stand there frightened, shattered and broken!!! What would you do next is the $64000 question!!! This is interesting to see…

For a moment come back to where you were, look around and have yourself comfortable with what I am about to deliver. We were on a highway, weren’t we? Walking along the road, with all the negatives around us and we heard people saying many varied opinions. Have you ever heard these sentences before? If you try to remember, these are the exact words we listen to during our greatest of adventures in life.

Whether it is our success or whether it be our failure, everything begins with a journey, an adventure that demands risks, courage and belief to surpass the so called impossible challenge placed before you. Is it? Yes. So, this is quite similar but what is then the practical expression of the car that almost crashes onto you? Here it is. Have you ever wondered about those funny moments in life, when while following one path in your life, an incident or an emotion kicks the belief to success out of you and you act as if nothing is left for you in this world, as if all that you ran for all your life has been taken away in just a nick of time?

There are not one but so many such incidences in our lives where we get stumbled upon a few pebble sized hurdles yet we see them as if a boulder and what we do next is the source of all problems. We change Tracks. We change Paths. That way we believe to Change our Future. Is it so? Yes. In my very first article,”Why we do what we do“, I stressed on the three major contributors in our life. When all the three malfunctions, or are not in an equilibrium state, things that we don’t like, happen, which lead to results that we dislike and that ultimately results in YOU not liking YOURSELF over a period of time!!!

Changing tracks brings a new adventure, it brings in a new hope, it brings in fresh participants but what remain unchanged is YOU. The hurdles of nature will change but those created by you would stay as long as you stay the same way, isn’t it? And this forces a man to keep on changing from one path to other path, from first choice to second choice, from satisfaction to content and then to pleasure and back again. It is a constant race for something so close yet far away from the reach.

Today all over the world, there are millions running this way, all over again repeating things and travelling in a circle which will never ever stop. This reality made me think. I was puzzled as to how can a man achieve success if there are such powerful distractions all around him. Then I looked back at my published articles. In my previous article, I talked about that one moment or moments in your life which you realize about later in the time when you pass out from a college or get yourself a job or become successful in any field. The Zero talks all about what happens when you connect the dots looking backwards, but then something began to dawn on me. What if instead of being successful, a person fails?

Now, as I have always said,” Failures are more important than any big success in your life“, it’s practically beneficial to have it in your experience a couple of times but more than necessary or say failure more than deserved  can lead to a great deal of depression which may then result in a person hard to recover. So I asked myself, what can be such a way as to ensure we get what we really want? When I say,” What we really want”, I do not mean success here. You ask any random guy around, what does he wants?

Most of them will say success is all they wish for. Success was never understood well enough to demand one. The thing that we actually want is a kind of tool that can help us do whatever field we excel in to accomplish. In your life, up till now you have faced many opportunities, Yes or No? Yes. You have. Every time you came across an opportunity, you sorted out what tools you have to accomplish the task. Those tools may be Time, Money, Fame, Energy, Happiness, Health, etc.

Now when I read the list of tools, I was stunned to find that these are actually the ones people all around the world are fighting for. It’s very similar to the modern games where you need to pay out some precious stuff to get something that you actually need to survive in the course of the game. If these are the tools, then we were never running in for success, but actually we all were running constantly to gain these things so that we could accomplish our desired task as comfortably as we can.

This realization placed me in mid-way between “The Mask” and “The Zero“, a battle where one person is overcrowded by a whole lot of masks around that are willing to change him and forcing him to switch paths while the successful being at the other end looking back and smiling delightfully by the grace of his experiences in life. The way in between these two will only be possible if there does exists such that path, that offers you stuff that you actually need in your life.

Everybody wants more time. Everyone is greedy of more and more money. Everyone seeks Fame, health and every single possible tool that lead you to accomplish your goals. This has led to a problem now. If indeed there lay such a path then why isn’t everyone, a billionaire? Why we still have poverty in the country? Why we still face deficits in currency? Because the thing that is required to achieve these tools comes from sources very opposite to the normal behavior that we observed.

This idea which became the sound foundation for the title of this article was yet again a crazy experience. Now, if I were to use the usual jargon that people all over the world use, I would have said that I was born when I had my first cry, I started growing up when I sensed that I became smart and I will die when I quit my breathing for a long time. But I choose to look at it this way. I was born the day I felt the life in me which was somewhere around 10th grade (that sounds crazy but is quite true actually) and hence my birth year just shifted around fifteen years up the calendar. I am glad to know that considering this, I am just a 4 year old kid. Now, I choose to believe that the day I started growing up was the day I saw myself in those around me. That takes me to being a One year old kid. And then comes the time when I will die, well I choose to believe that the time I will die will be the one when I find it hard enough to feel the life in me for quite a long time.

Now, why did I say all these things? The reason is to understand the concept of the flow, the very first thing is to understand life and how it works. If you say you were born something like 18 years ago and you still looking for answers to questions and still fighting for your success, the life in me would be confused because we already had those answers in ourselves, it’s just that we never really cared to look inside. If you tell me you are growing up when a professor makes you answer a question and you utter words as if you designed the answer yourself, you blabber some lines and claim to be smart, the life in me will pity on you because the basis of life never rested on the shoulders of academics but eternal knowledge. If you say you are alive when all I see is a lonely and depressed soul in you, the life in me will be tearful. What resides in me, resides in you as well. Life was never mine and yours it was just there and similarly the way to success was never this or that, instead it was just there!!! As simple as that, there are never ways to success. There is just one ultimate way. Others will lead you to pleasure, but what you actually need, will come from one single way.

I have grown up as a kid listening to the old philosophy that to thinkers and philosophers the best ideas come while having an early morning shower. This is crazy but as and when history proves these are most remarkable of all time when it comes to thinkers, philosophers or for that matter, scientists. The moment was thoughtful, as I was observing water, I felt as if this in same way can give me my answer. Then I took some water and poured it seamlessly, again and again till the time my mind agreed on the broken links to that ultimate.

When I observed closely, it wasn’t just the water coming down but the way it does so made me filled with sudden enthusiasm as if I had broken a code. Now, as the name suggests “The Flow” relates to fluids and the way they flow. This may have gone through your mind as you read the title for the very first time. But the game isn’t over yet. How can the way water behaves, solve our problems? Can it solve all our problems related with the society? Can it solve all our problems considering the level of chaos generated in the human mind? Moreover on a practical note, can the way water behaves solve the never ending problems of students and assignments?

Well, these questions actually have no guts to face the power I am about to unleash before you. Now, connect back with our imagination where I left you surrounded by a group of people, yelling and criticizing you while you attempt to rescue yourself from the never ending traffic on the highway. Humans have adapted sort of bold and solid personality where the concept of flexibility is introduced to students either in a physics class or in cunning politics. Either of them has no such benefit to the life we live. What if we have such a nature, whereby everything that we face it becomes a part of us and not a different body? What would happen if similar to the water we had this tendency to flow to limitless boundaries unstoppable? What if our flexibility is taken to that level where even the problems that we suffer in present turn as fortunes for future? And this is the way which leads us to achieving our tools that enable a person to accomplish things in life.

A life may seem like nothing but a highway where every day you meet some visitors similar to the group of people who criticize you and you encounter fiery hurdles which are constantly in efforts to break you down. Life on the highway is full of everything, you will experience luck, you will face opportunities whether or not you like it, you will taste success and failure without your consent because escaping one hurdle or a car in the way will give you this great feeling of success but till the time you manage to get hold of it other car crashes onto you. You will taste the most glorious and memorable moments in your life but simultaneously you will have to bear the burden of not sharing your dark side with the world around you. There are times when on one hand you enjoy with the best possible people around you while at the same time you wish if you had someone else as well just so because you are longing for someone that is sitting quiet deep inside who is not meant to come out and shake hands with you but to be there inside you and shake the world with the activities you do.

So much is happening all around us that we all have permanently forgotten the basic principles that shape us. Look, as you wake up till the time you go to bed, the world is on its mission. Every person wakes up with a mission, goes back to bed, dreams about other missions, and starts a new day with yet another crap mission. Are we humans or battle warriors I question? When will the life in you recognize your true potential unless and until you allow the necessary proceedings to take place? How can you flow like a legend when your stiffness beats diamond that shines in all ways but cannot surpass an ultraviolet beam? (Scientific fact: An Ultraviolet beam of specific frequency can evaporate a diamond)

The Flow is my answer to all our questions discussed till date. Flow is the Undisturbed, Unshaken, and Silent and moreover the most energetic path in your life where once you joined in, it would be too hard for anyone to break you apart. This world is divided in three sections. One, those who stay firm in their lives and seldom take actions neither do they make efforts to step ahead in the right direction. Second, are the ones who keep on switching their paths in a hope that someday any of these paths will provide them something so divine that they can rest all their life on it. Third, are the ones who choose to flow, it won’t come natural though. The tendency of flow in itself demands things which it never demands. The state of neutrality is one way to attain the state of flow, the state of clarity can lead you to the flow.

As a practice exercise I sometimes test myself if I am progressing in life or backing myself by a simple experiment. When you are alone in a hall, close your eyes after taking a quick glimpse on the way you wish to walk on. With your eyes closed, take one step after the other in your desired direction. If you fumble on the way, there is still something left that stops you from approaching to a goal you know you can do but the fear hidden behind the bars and eyes becomes evident all together once you are exposed to uncertainty.

“The Flow” is that part which connects us all being human. Our problems are the same, our needs are the same and so our solution is the same as well. What started from a highway as a question, ended up at water as an answer. In the roughness of life, today a seed of flexibility is introduced. In the constant unstable mind of yours, a magical idea has been introduced. This is not by chance that some people come in your life and change the way you live completely, it is not by chance that your mind creates possibilities out of nowhere; it is not by chance that each and every one among you resisted the temptation to leave the article midway and carry out other random stuff. This is all by choice, a subconscious choice that gets initiated the moment you command it to and gets off the moment you wish to.

Each of us have experienced the power and magic in flow and what it means and feels to be unstoppable by any hurdle that we face, but its only when we have such a control so that we manage ourselves all our life and not just in some specific moments will the real hero in you unleash itself and that would give birth to an unstoppable soul, changing the world is a piece of cake then.

“The Flow” was all about how one observes, thinks and acts on the set of opportunities given to him. It was about the continuous nature of a person whereby he silently walks to his opportunities to play with them just the way he wishes to and not the way circumstances drag him to. Reflecting on my life, when I look back I do recognize few moments that shaped my life the way it has turned into but it would not have been a better journey if it were not for the flexibility I choose to adapt. Having said that, there are moments when my greatest problems have turned blessings and my biggest mistakes, a seed of growth. The flexibility in life not only enables you to face calamities with ease but actually it does help in shaping your destiny the way you wish to design it. This is the most aware way to shape our life, being conscious about our present while designing the future molds your life into a gorgeous adventure, an idol for youngsters and an example for the world.

It was for the first time, that such powerful ideas were discussed and the support I received indeed reflected that the world isn’t going all that in the dungeons. Hope stays and efforts won’t stop unless we together aim to transform ourselves to such an extent where it’s impossible for anyone to stop us. As I always say, I promise to improve myself further in my journey with you; this new chapter brings core ideas and answers to your life. I will be back soon with yet again a revolutionary idea and a life changing spirit!!!

Invincible is the change where the change is inevitable”, says the Wizard and the World Changes!!!

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