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Regret : A Dangerously Powerful Tool to Build a Better Future or Destroy a Steady Present
Now you can listen to the audio-article version of this article on Youtube. Subscribe our Channel to receive latest audio-books in the future. Regret. Everyone knows it, everyone feels it. It’s the most powerful, obvious, and yet intangible manifestation of the consequences of our ill-intentioned actions and missed opportunities, or as we like to call it under the disguise of...
An Open Letter to a Daughter On her Birthday
Dear, growing up is a trap. An elaborately woven and alluring trap. Don't get lured into it. Your ten year old self is as free as you can be in your entire life. - An Open Letter to a Daughter On her Birthday.
The Whispers of Allegory - A Fantasy by Aryama Bej | ThinkwizardX
The Whispers of Allegory : A Fantasy (Episode 2) This episode is a part of 2 Episode Series “The Whispers of Allegory“. The Scenes are continued from the 1st Episode climax. Click here to read the 1st Episode and feel the emotions strong like a storm yet quiet enough to kill. Nobody spoke. The silence continued. Only the trees spoke in...
The Whispers of Allegory - A Fantasy by Aryama Bej | ThinkwizardX
The Whispers of Allegory - A Fantasy (Episode 1) Have you ever stayed up late in the night with a cold freezing body and a fire burning inside? It feels like you know that you are approaching death. Have you ever stayed up late into a winter night trying to breathe in the chill of the night in a desperate...
Birthday Celebration At Child Orphanage
Birthday Celebration At Child Orphanage One day, I was having lunch with my friends in a hotel. We had been regularly getting together for lunch in the same hotel for the past couple of months. That made the staff there quite familiar to us. They allowed us to chitchat for a while, long after we were done eating. It was...
Habits And Future
Poem When habits become a hurdle, and your decision part ways. When thoughts make you tremble, and your hope dies away. Then the soul challenges you, to keep your belief high. And chose either to win, or watch your future die.
Poem I peeled off the soul, to please my desire. I scratched off the art, that projected my arrival. How cruel I was to question my existence when I was the one who challenged my survival.
Story Rant
A Story Rant on "Flesh Prison" Flesh Prison is a self explanatory term so I am not going to tell you about that. If you still want to know, read on further because this is a story rant! Yay! When they meet... "Hi.", said Rahul. "Hey. Long time.", said Smriti. "Yeah. It has been. How are you?" "Better now.", said Smriti. "I am sorry about the...
In a land far far away from the Indian Ocean, there is a small country of fertile plains, majestic mountains and jeweled deserts. The land is home to the Arabs, Kurds, Armenians and Assyrians. The country is called Syria, named after the al-sham and royal history it had survived. Through the cascades of Time, slaughters of swords, Killings of...
The Silent Murder: A Mystery of Canvas and the Red Woman
Scene One “Excuse me, ma’am. There is someone outside asking for an appointment with you.” said the maid as she entered Synthia’s room. Synthia sat in a chair facing the other way around and was motionless for a moment. It was a dreadful sight. Pictures of every other man pinned on the wall and cross referenced to each other through a...

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