The Progressive Stages of Life

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Hello Friends,
A few days before i had a strange thought process circling my mind.I was as usual sitting on a chair and thinking something that i don’t remember right now but also was i engaged in another activity.In my hands i was holding a rubix cube and solving it too After few minutes of this process i suddenly stopped and observed that i was actually “MULTI TASKING” that too superbly fast.. !!! I was surprised by the fact that the rubix cube was on its way to be solved with two rows of it in correct positions and also i could think on my curiosity level very well.How could this be???I had been playing with rubix cube for months and had a good hand at it while thinking on my curiosity level is my love in life.So i was wondering if perfection was a key factor in my multitasking or is it just normal??? And when i went deep into the hidden roots and shoots of this matter i came up with a satisfying theory regarding how is the gradation in life…mine ..yours…everyone’s…and this is by far the best linkage i came to.But i want all of you to realize and digest the fact that there is always ample space for improvement in every section and that applies to my theory as well.

So coming back to the theory,i would like to present the four stages of our progressing life one by one.An example simplifies the matter and you can easily compare those with your own present situation or any experience till date.It was amazing for me to arrive at such a conclusion with a theory,that too from nothing.This somewhere symbolizes that the way we approach and react to situation really does matter indeed.We begin with our first stage in the Progressive Life. . .

» Unknowingly Subconscious Stage:

This is the very first stage in our progressive life.This stage includes all our activities,goals work,aim,etc that we are unaware of.We do not have any idea if we are actually doing the same.It is different from subconsciousness in a way that we don’t even know if we are subconscious.This is like someone else is operating on us without our consent but we have to perform for unknown reasons Such situations are very rare to identify as they exist for very less passage.As soon as this stage operates transition occurs and it shifts to next level in very less time.As this is the most ignorant stage you will hardly be able to point one in your life.This is a per-assumed stage as the real picture is revealed by the other three guys.

» Unknowingly Conscious Stage:

As soon the first stage begins,in no time the next stage starts functioning.Reason being that whenever our mind and body function together,it ought to give attention to the thing unless we are dead.This stage includes the first stage of learning anything.The very first thing one performs in stage of learning is asking a question.Curiosity gets a kick start at this stage and travels to further levels.During this stage,one carries out many activities but doesn’t know why he is doing the same.This is the most abundant of stages found today in our society.And i tell you what there is no age limit for any of these stages so no matter if you are just a baby or teen or old enough you may face it often in your life.Remember when as a small kid you would do many random things without even caring for the consequences.Randomly picking up the glass full of water and eventually pouring it on self only to realize it was actually filled to the brim might be one of your childhood memories.Today countless employees work in their office puzzled if they really belong to that profession or not.They are working day in and day out and getting paid for the same but don’t know why they are stuck in that business or job.This stage is quite opposite of the previous one and can extend for years in ones life.Some people gets stuck in this stage and never try to solve all those questions that take birth during this time eventually wasting their beautiful life.But few people try to find the answers to their questions and in this curiosity they enter the next stage in their progressive life.

» Knowingly Conscious Stage:

Depending upon the will and actions of a person,he enters the third stage.There is a gap in between the second and third stage which is filled by Knowlege and Learning.This Knowledge is gained by only those who are successful in making this leap to the third stage.The ones who get trapped in between these two levels are static in their life and cannot progress further.This is a stage where while performing any activity you have a perfect knowlege of the same.You are aware completely and are involved totally with the work that you perform.This is the stage where you get praises from all around you including your friends and family and relatives.This is a stage where you feel confident of what you do and this confidence turns into courage through curiosity.You are no more afraid to take multiple challenges in your interest field and you love to perform your work.The people who reach this stage in life have a great opportunity to change the world…to help the poor achieve his or her dream…to fulfil ones parents dreams…and live a stable living.This is the second most abundant of the four stages.It includes all those people who have a good knowledge and are dedicated to their work.Now all those who reach this third stage completely have a choice either to move ahead or be satisfied with the praises and greetings.Those who stay satisfied with the praises and greetings of their friends and famil eventually destroy themselves out of no progress but remain stagnant while those who choose to move ahead have a all new opportunity to unlock and whole new world to enter.

» Knowingly Subconscious Stage:

All those who choose to move further ahead in their life enter this awesome stage.This stage is for most of the population on earth a situation close to heaven where you rule your kingdom..where you design your life the way you want to…where you choose your future!!! Yes you choose what your future should be like…!!! This is the stage where you have the complete knowledge but also coupled with it the experience in our practical world.This Experience adds to our life what salt adds to our food.With this powerful tool we don’t even realize that we just completed our work because we are so very involved in that activity that we loose track of time.This happens when you love what you do.. when you practice day and night.. when you surrender your life before your love to work and live in bliss.There is no limit to this stage as it is like an official stamp which gives a verified quality to our life.Very few people are able to reach up to this stage.Some give up at second stage…some at third stage…some get trapped in those stages..blah blah but the few ones who in-spite of all praises and sweet puzzles in life choose to follow their heart and progress in life succeed eventually.When a person reaches this stage in life death cannot make him fear nor anything can stop him to pursue his passion…He is then UNSTOPPABLE !!!

I wont frame this theory as a revolutionary or out of the box but just say that this was my way to assemble some observations…some thoughts…some experience in a much suited way.This shows that there is a lot similarity between what happens to every single object in nature.As time goes on…Life goes on…and my belief grows stronger and i think you too will agree that “EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED”…!!!

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