The Race: A Game of Life???

The Rats Race is growing rapidly and many are not aware of the change. This article explains the effects of following the rats race and its consequences.

The Race Against Time
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Hello Friends,
Your most awaited theory is Here…I know you must have been really eager to know what is this RACE i am talking about,right??Before beginning i would like to tell you that this is one of the most important theory of life…and if you read and absorbed it from whole of your heart take my words your life CHANGED from that instant…So Are you all excited???Well then..lets Begin our RACE…!!!

Whenever you hear the word “RACE” and “LIFE” then i am sure every Indian gets reminded of the movie 3 idiots and its most famous dialogue.It says that,”Life is a Race and you really have to run fast enough or else others will push you back and move ahead of you”. Now for some time in my life i considered it to be true blindly.I mean without spending a single second to question why it is so!?? But i don’t know when i started to question such things in my life for exact but one fine day i questioned it…When this happened i got a few answers after thinking about it.This question seems very easy to ask but the answers i figured out changed my life.It changed the way i react to situations in my Life.Now you all reading this must be wondering what all questions i asked and what kind of answers i figured out…I am not gonna present a Q&A text here because that is boring but instead present an idea that connects every single answer or even more..

The idea starts when i got reminded of some words of our elders..Indians know it better it says,”Beta,tu apni life mein bohot aage badhega!!!”. Now as i was reminded of this,suddenly i questioned.. The sentence says ‘aage badhega’ does it mean the road of life is Single where every person in running?? Or is there unique road for every person??? What is this road made of??? What all defines our Road and many more… Now the answers to these questions are not something only i am supposed to tell you but those answers lie deep in you.Its just a matter of discovering yourself that you will receive these answers…!!! Now coming back to my idea..

Every person on this planet right from his birth is run by his desires.When a child,desire for chocolates or desire to crawl and then walk.When a boy,desire to be top ranked in school or get a medal for sports.When a man,desires for a job or his own house or lots of money for his family.When a Old man,desires for better retirement period or visit some beautiful places either devotional or historic.When during death,desires heaven…In short right from birth till death its only our desires that keep us on track of our life.These desires are the only basic root cause for every single ups and downs we experience in our life.Now just think for yourself,if i tell you to sort out some very popular desires of our present age…what would they all be?? Think for yourself… I guess from beginning..

– Top Rank in School
– Getting higher status
– A good college
– A degree for sure
– A great Job with great Salary
– A big Home of yours
– A best retirement plan
– Above all popularity

These and many more constitute the most abundant desires.Now just imagine if these are the most abundant ones then how many people around the world are running on this same track to achieve them all…Think !!!

This is what creates an environment which we call A RACE !!!Countless people if i want to estimate i would surely say more than 70% people in this world are part of this Race knowingly or unknowingly…They start their journey and witness a large crowd in front of them.Some decide to push everybody and ultimately succeed in doing so…others start with full energy but are lost somewhere in the crowd hard to lookout for…while others surrender in the very beginning…!!!This experience in their life pours on our Material world in form of words such as,”Impossible”,”Difficult”,”No”,”Cannot”,”Hard”…etc. All these people are so very busy in fighting with other people along the way that in reality those people become the biggest hurdle they ever face apart from absolute hurdles of life.These people are those who either choose to follow footprints of their relatives or are living in an illusion all through their life…The path on which these people move is in fact one of the possible paths in life.This path was very designed by some human when he followed the same desires and eventually the path became a global phenomena where every other person choose to walk…!!!

Now comes the surprise!!! What if there is a boy named Tom and he decides to travel on his own path…!!!What if he designs his own path…!!!What if he desires for something different but basic…!!!What if he chooses to be a Role Model for himself…!!! Think for yourself…
Earlier we saw some most common desires but now see the difference in those people and  Tom…

– Being Consistent in your work in school
– Be a good human being
– College doesn’t matter,you should believe in your deeds
– Studying subject of my passion with full dedication.

When you focus on some of these basics in life,the rest follows immediately… This would mean that tom would also have this option with himself and independence for where to set limits and where to set a hurdle…!!!But for a moment ask yourself if you were Tom,would you set limits to your path…would you place any hurdle ??? No… So here you have gained a very fundamental Secret of Life..This implies,”In Reality,Life is neither too difficult nor too easy.It only depends on the path you choose to walk on.Your destiny is in your hands.Its your wish whether to live the life struggling all the way to death and being a part of RACE or to live life your way where you are free to fly like a bird and achieve your dreams and walk on your path like a BOSS “… So what’s my Conclusion from this theory…

Life is not Game or Race where its either WIN or LOSE but it is an Opportunity to enjoy wholeheartedly and to appreciate its beauty.Life is not to Race but to Face…!!! Go to a Mirror and looking in your eyes ask a simple question.”Am i part of this RACE???”As you do this you will understand why the things didn’t happen the way you want them to happen till now…You will realize yourself whether you are on right track or THAT track…And after thinking on this question if you really felt to change something today,its not the environment you live in but its the way you react to those people who are part of this RACE..its the way you think about your hurdles…its the way you perceive yourself…its the way you perceive Life itself !!!

So… Are YOU a part of this RACE ???
I hope you all enjoyed this theory and i hope some of you reading this will for sure reflect on these ideas and live an independent Life happily…
Thank you

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