The Silent Murder: A Mystery of Canvas and the Red Woman (Episode 1)

Synthia, a mysterious woman has been dealing with some strange phenomena lately. Julia has a plea which would change everything, forever. What is the plea about? Read the first episode of a murder mystery thriller series to experience the game of life and death up close. Aren't you excited?

The Silent Murder: A Mystery of Canvas and the Red Woman
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1. Scene One

Excuse me, ma’am. There is someone outside asking for an appointment with you.” said the maid as she entered Synthia’s room.

Synthia sat in a chair facing the other way around and was motionless for a moment. It was a dreadful sight. Pictures of every other man pinned on the wall and cross referenced to each other through a series of newspaper articles in the form of a web. It was as if she were working on something. Every time, the maid, Miss Norice entered her room, she had this gut feeling of horror. Something seemed unusual. Something was not right.

There was a long silence as Miss Norice waited for an answer. Clearly she was busy into something important.

Send her in.” said Synthia in a deep tone.

“How did she know the visitor was a female?” thought the maid as she left for the door.

She walked away with mixed feelings and lot of questions. A moment later she arrived with the lady. As she entered the room; Synthia, for the first time in the last few weeks raised her head and looked straight at Miss Norice.

Close the door as you leave.”, said Synthia.



  1. First of all congratulations on opening the door to this section. For me it rather seemed to be more of a sneak peek than the actual PART 1of the story. Try to keep it more descriptive for the next part & plot really is appalling hence perfect.

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