When A Soul Begins to Question

Questions help us discover our true self. Read to know more about the many effects to the self when the soul begins to question.

When A Soul Begins To Question
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Where lies the leader in you,
he asked me.
In this world of followers,
Searching for hands to guide your hollow path.

Where lies the satisfaction in you,
he asked me.
in the midst of greediness
to gain the touch of pleasure just one more time.

Where lies the positive in you,
he asked me.
In all these ignorant actions,
searching for water in oceans of blood.

Where lies the learning attitude in you,
He asked me.
In the constant race to compete,
running over one another future.

Where lies the courage in you,
He asked me.
In the domain of hesitation and expectation.
playing with the dreams of your soul.

Where lies the love and
Where lies the care in you,
He asked me.
In the sight of hatred and insecurity,
Pouring ones energy in the dungeon.

Where lies the real human in you,
He finally asked me.
pampered by the derived laws of inhuman,
Still in search for the ultimate in you!!!

More Insight : 

Nowadays, it is very often the situation when a person gets mad at someone and a third person interferes the conversation to throw unwanted questions on both the parties. Questions based on our success, our failure and our sole purpose in life is then made public and we are often in the state of embarrassment not being able to solve our own problems. Struggling then becomes a habit and suffering becomes a part of life. This is where talking to our soul may help, either it nourishes our inner self or provides better ideas how not to flow away with the majority and lead our lives our own way.

How to identify the voice of our soul?

When i say i had a conversation with my soul, what i really mean, can be summed up in few words. The soul may be a special electromagnetic wave structure inside of us but to have a practical experience with the same, we really need to get our minds travel through an entirely different wormhole. There are thousands of voices inside our mind, and though it might seem impossible to know which voice among the others is the ONE, we actually do know how to listen to it. Staying silent or meditation does help but it is more about being aware and listening without interpretation or assuming anything that crosses your mind at a particular moment. This, i suppose is one of the ways in which i was able to listen to the words from my soul and i hope after this message you would be able to do the same in your own way.

Words from the Writer :

Sometimes, the questions you raise are not for a particular person standing next to you or around you. But sometimes those are the very questions asked to you by your soul with a hope that if ever you find the answers, it can live its dream life with you!!!Respect the power of your soul, it has planned a better and magical future for you. And trust me, it is totally worth it!!!

For more insight…you may ask your soul.

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