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Hey! Glad to have you here.

This is Akshay Varma, the founder of ThinkwizardX

So, I believe that you may have landed on our website for the following reasons – either one of our writers recommended you or some of our stories and articles caught your attention, or maybe because you were just bored from idleness and Google guided you towards our platform.

Whatever the reason be, I would like to say to you – Welcome Home!

Because we have something for you.

Because our team has a gift for you.

Because this is your Home!

You must be wondering, “What is he talking about? This is not my home.” And You are right. Partially!

ThinkwizardX is not just an amazing platform for readers to read compelling stories and effective, useful articles.

ThinkwizardX is not just an exceptional opportunity for writers to find work, showcase their skills and reach out to people.

ThinkwizardX is not just a great platform for Advertisers to advertise their products and increase the brand value.

ThinkwizardX is much more!

Before we tell you about our amazing stories and articles, let me tell you a little about our story…

It all began when I was far away from my home, in the nowhere of mind and heart. Lost in the shadows of pain, sorrow, helplessness, regret, depression, and inability to find myself.

Amongst all these, was born an idea!

Yes! An idea. So, its true when they say that ideas are important.

The aim of ThinkwizardX is to empower. No. Not others. Not everyone. We empower people like us. People who have a burning desire to change something. People who think different. People who are not afraid to start a new beginning. People who are courageous to make a new life as they rebuild the same, from the ashes of past.

So, here we are… with a hope. AND with lots of opportunity for writers, readers and creative people out there!

Our team of writers have assembled some of the most amazing stories for you. Depending on what genre you prefer to read, we have something for every person who visits our website.

Our Writer Kartika Nair, crafted some of the most beautiful story series ever published on the blog.

The Lost Connection 03

The Lost Connection (3 Episode Series) –

This story talks about love, life and friendship in the most beautiful and heart touching way. For lovers and friends, you have to read this series to know the power of emotions.

Episode 1 :

Episode 2 :

Episode 3 :

Some of the stand-alone stories from her carry a specific message which would make you feel the need to think different.

The Sky Full of Stars (For Introverts) –

Strawberry Swings (Because Life is Fun)-

Screw the Beauty Standards (Name Says it All!)-

The Unforgiven (Know Regret) –

One Cup of Mocha (Can Scare You Well!)

When I started this blog, I released some of my own private and personal ideas on life. Those became the foundations for the future and it only improved since then.

Featured Posts by Akshay Varma, Founder:

The Blind Friend Who Changed My Life

The Tearful Echo of Love (Remember Your Family)

Just Another Normal Kid (Just Another…) –

Will You Accept Me as Your Friend (Will You?) –

For a brief period of time, I went into my mind palace. It was a great time. Most of my ideas, somehow connected with each other and slowly it took shape of a series of articles which I wrote in the period of one year.

These articles are close to my heart and will always be. Not because they present some of the most amazing ideas but because they represent the possibility of change!

The Darkness –

The Mask –

The Zero

The Flow –

The Black Diary –

The Lost Bonds –

The Blind Friend Who Changed My Life –

Presently, I am working on a new series. A Murder thriller which I have never tried before. I am excited about it. Read the first episode of the same to get ready for when we release the next episode.

The Silent Murder (2 Episode Series) –

The Silent Murder: A Mystery of Canvas and the Red Woman (Episode 1)

Episode 1 –

Episode 2 – Coming Soon*

Over the many years that we started this platform there have been many talented and exceptional Interns and Writers who have shown their interest in working with us.

We receive applications for working with us from all over the Country. We have our Internships hosted at Internshala, you might want to take a look here.

Some of the writers who worked with us produced some of the best articles and stories ever.

Aryama Bej –

She writes in the most beautiful, bold and elegant manner as you will discover when you read her articles and stories.

A Letter to Self –

The Pleasures and Perils of Life –

The Whispers of Allegory (Episode 1) –

The Whispers of Allegory (Episode 2) –

An Open Letter to a Daughter –

Akshita Maripeddi –

Eloquence : Words from the Soul by Akshita Maripeddi

She writes her heart out when the words flow onto the screen. Read her article on the unspoken words and the spoken emotions hidden behind.

Eloquence –

Riddhi Shah –

BESIEGED: The Barricades of Friendship in the Trial of War (Episode 1) by Riddhi Shah

With heights to touch and the task to free thousands of words to from the cage of my soul, she is a strong believer of stories and books. Read her well drafted stories to feel the power of words.

The Restricted Scars of Caged Heart –

Besieged –

Similar to these Interns, many more writers work with us on various basis on various platforms. Our Platform is a growing venue for budding writers and poets (Oh! Yes, we publish poems too.)

Now, coming back to you…

If you are a reader, we just presented our gold mine of stories and articles, read along and leave your feedback so we can improve.

If you are a writer, we have some great opportunities for you (as promised!).

You can apply for our latest Interships (if available) on Internshala.

For more information and other offers, use our contact page to leave a message or contact us via email at

We are excited to welcome you in our world of ideas and hope that together we can achieve something, no one could!

Thank You

Akshay Varma,

Founder, ThinkwizardX – Where Every Word Speaks a Story.