A Story about “Just Another Normal Kid”

This is a story about just another normal kid. Read on to know how people are all the same and what differentiates a successful person and a failure person.

A Story about
Just Another Normal Kid
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When humans shift to the side of treachery and fell for greed, ego and under the influence of addictive attractions, terrible things occur in life. There are people who succeed and people who fail but in every case, the beginning is the same. Some are borrowed by magicians of diversity while others are borrowed by the devils of adversity. After watching the movie/documentary a few thoughts about myself caught my attention. I would like to share my words with all my friends here who will someday achieve their ultimate goal and pass on the powerful energy to the next generation through their work. 

I grew up as just another normal kid. When my parents used to drop me at my school, I would cry. When one of my best friends would be mad at me and would leave me alone, I would call him back. I grew up as just another normal kid. When my exams results were good, I would laugh. When I had failed to do my best in school, I would cry. When teachers praised me, I felt worthy. When they punished me, I felt sorry. I grew up as just another normal kid. I tried to act cool when I entered high school. I managed to look good when I entered high school. Sometimes I would return home with my shoes teared off, sometimes I would return home with my shirt worn off. I used to run, play and goal in my P.T classes. I tried to act all cool in subject classes. I grew up as just another normal kid. College hours also made me worry, playgrounds helped me play in a hurry. I still peek at the girl who sits a few benches ahead of me, wondering, “Does she really think about me?!!” After the results lied another challenge for me… The graduation years brought tons of worries for me. I grew up as just another normal kid.

Now the career stood at the door, waiting to guide. But hell did I know if to change my mind. From one side i heard success and from the other I heard failure. I was 25 and still questioning in fear, was I the only one for it to hear. I chose the wrong path, and failed and failed and failed. Only I understand the texture of the path I sailed. I grew up as just another normal kid. I tried and tried and tried but could not win. I wondered if I just paid rent for my sin. I did not stop and pushed myself out of fears. I suffered and cried bucketful of tears. And the wave of change finally met me and embraced me with her wings. I followed blindly listening to the melody she sings. I grew up as just another normal kid. I struggled and fought my way to success, having the wave of change on my back. On the way of my journey, I understood what millions of failures lack!!! I almost reached the success but got kicked away by life once again, that’s when the wave of change asked me, ” Do you wish to suffer and fight for the pain?” She held me up and said me in sorrow, ” If you turn back, you will be the SAME!!!” I looked at the million failures whom the devils borrow and whispered to her, “I am not one of THEM!!!”. 

Write it in your journal or diary, what makes you different. Remind yourself every single day why you chose to live that way. Practice and dedicate your lives for the day when you take pride in yourself. Make the 100% of this day and live the best year of your lives ever. Everything you have ever done or achieved in your lives will fall back to pieces OR it will get assembled in a beautiful beautiful art based on your choice. ” Are you the one who would give up??? Not at the first attempt. Not at the second. Not even the 10,000th attempt. Will you ever give up? That is what will make you worth being a success. Make a choice my friends, because it is all in that moment when the nature will ask you, ” If you turn back, you won’t be the SAME”!!! Have the guts to say, “I am not one of THEM”!!! Have a great life and an amazing time everybody. I hope this little thought of mine helps in restoring the energy in you.

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