The Tearful Echo of Love

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    Like any other day, the morning of 9th of October 2015 was all about my daily schedule and the everyday workload. I had my college hours, my assignments and my personal work to be completed by the end of the day and there was no sign of any magic happening in my life for a good long time which made it but obvious that I did not expect any strange thing to happen in my life. But opposing all my beliefs, something so powerful and so unusual took place in my life that day, I literally had Goosebumps and was completely taken aback by the flow of emotions. This piece of experience here, is specially crafted for those who still think that true form of love is perishing and that cinematic emotions are only for the sake of movies. To begin with, I would like to take you on a journey so that you feel the exact same expression as I did and at the end of this real story you may perhaps feel more alive and more present.


    A few days before, I guess it was the 6th of October 2015 that I stumbled upon a video on Facebook. I guess you must have seen it as well. In that video, a guy, claiming to be sent by God; distributes ₹ 10,000 among 10 poor people for the dedicated work and sacrifice those people had in themselves. Those people included beggars, roadside sellers and others with little to nothing for survival. The message was simple, if you have more than what you need, simply share it with those who need it the most. That video made an impression on me, and though I knew it wasn’t possible for me to contribute such a large amount of money; I had it in my mind to care and help such people in any way possible either in present or in future. Following this incident, a couple of moments in my life enhanced the conviction in me about helping to spread a smile across all those who lack happiness in life. I remembered it all, and then on the 9th of October 2015 I came across this man.

    I was off to college in the morning and due to the fact that I woke a bit late than usual, I was hungry. Being late has always made me worry and so I was committed to join my mates at the college before I stopped at any food-stall to satisfy my hunger. I was indeed committed to play this hunger game of mine, but I was not able to. I am not quite sure why I was not able to, but it turned out to be one of my best decisions. Let’s get back to the story. So this aged person, apparently in his 60-70s, sitting at a stall was selling food for a living. I was naturally hungry and to be frank till date by the grace of God I have had the comfort of having my food at venues like McDonald’s or those luxurious hotels in the city but this time out of my own conviction, I decided to have my food at here. He was very down-to-earth man. He was playing with the kid in his arms; maybe his grandson, I thought. I asked him for ‘Poha’ (Indian Snack) and watched as he struggled to serve me the same, holding his grandson in one arm. I insisted on self-serving myself but he knew his work and so he continued to serve me despite of the struggle. I sat there for a while, had my snack and observed the playful nature of both the grandson and the granddad. I was very happy to see the same and frankly it brought a smile to my face maybe because it made me remember my good old days with my grandpa. But the truth that such an old man had to work for a living killed me from within. Just then I remembered the video I saw on Facebook, but was helpless as neither do I earn myself nor do I have so much to satisfy him. Money cannot buy happiness, I thought to myself and no amount of it can make a person love himself. So, I dropped the idea and paid for the snack.

    When there is something you wish to say or ask people, it is best to let yourself flow. Don’t hesitate in taking that first step, make your move and see the beauty unfold in front of your eyes. I did the same. As the old man collected the payment, I raised my question to him.

    “Do you work here all day?” I asked him.

    (The old man had a hearing problem so I had to repeat myself two to three times before he got my words.)

    “Yes, from 6 in the morning till 6 in the evening.” Said the old man.

    “But, you are an aged person, why do you have to work?” I asked him again.

    (He seemed delighted to hear someone being concerned about him or so I thought to myself and like any aged person will do, he went on explain everything regarding his situation.)

    “It is because I am idle all day” he said with a smile. ” My son is at service in Budhwar Peth. My wife and daughter-in-law insisted to set up a stall so that we can have working schedules rather than idle days in our lives. They prepare the food, I sit here to sell the same. (Pointing at his grandson) He wakes up at around 7, so he gets to play with me while I manage the stall. Sometimes in the morning my son manages the stall, at other times I do. This is the way we live.”

    I couldn’t help but be amazed at the sight of this old man, apparently of the age of my grandpa. I just smiled at him, and felt very fresh after listening to him. We shared a final smile at each other and I was about to leave. Just then as I turned around and was on my way that something in me MOVED. I was taken aback by the thing that just happened. I couldn’t help but think more and more about the person. Lest my heart, this time my eyes responded and in no time I realized a small tear took birth in my eyes and rolled down my cheeks only to make me aware of the power this moment possessed. I was taken aback by the emotion and the reason still unclear to me, was evident in my eyes. I said to myself,” I cannot let this moment perish just that way!!! I have to ensure it makes an impact on the person.” But why was I being so touched and affected by a stranger. For a moment, I was puzzled but the next moment, I exactly knew why. I was merely 7 when I lost my Grandpa and the memories I shared with him still lay fresh in my mind. I never imagined remembering him in such a way and at such a point in my life. . But now that I had his memory and that the person I just met was connected to the emotion in some way, I wanted this moment to become a ‘Moment to remember’ not just for me, but for the old man as well. Everything seemed like a movie to me, people meeting people in the middle of nowhere and creating moments worth remembering. That one tear which took birth in my eyes, was the source of an echo of responses and actions that followed inside of me. My mind responded in support, my heart joined in, my feet couldn’t hold on for longer, my hands as stretching forward for a hug and all this resulted in me changing my way of action. I realized, as I was thinking through all this I had walked a few meters away already and had shed a couple of tears in the remembrance of my Grandpa. Although I was already a bit late for college, this time I was in no mood to step back. I turned around, and started walking in the direction of the same stall and the same person I just met. As he saw me once again, he was probably in the state of surprise to see me. Maybe he thought to himself if he did or said something wrong or for that matter if the food he served wasn’t that good enough. I don’t know for sure, but what I knew was that I am going to capture this moment for the rest of my life and share with those who need the dose of love in their life. I knew this moment had in itself the power to make an impact on not one but thousands and if possible millions who meet similar people and have similar convictions in their life. I was aware of what I am and what this incident made me into. At other times, the constant worry of what the people around me would think or say bothered me but today there was no space for it. With lots of love in my heart and an invisible tear in my eye I approached him, and said,” Would you mind if I take a picture with you?” He was stunned!

    “Sure, why not?” said the old man.

    I clicked a few pictures, also requesting the grandson to be a part of it and was very delighted to experience this moment in my life. I noticed the man smiling back as I clicked the picture and I tell you at that moment, I truly was at bliss seeing the man smiling so happily. I showed him the pictures, seeing which made him happier. As he saw me for one last time before I leave, he caressed me lovingly and said,” Do remember this Grandpa of yours!!! Bless you.” I smiled at him with tearful eyes and noticed he had it in his eyes too. I couldn’t hold on much longer so before I got too much into the emotion, I decided to take my path again, and tried as much not to allow the emotions to reach the tears but I guess the incident made an impact on me and the tears were in no mood to settle. I cried under my eyes, in my heart and felt terribly blessed to have such an experience in the middle of nowhere. Maybe it is indeed true that the best times occur at the most unusual places, with the most unusual people, creating the most unusual moments.

    Next time you meet your Grandpa, Grandma or for that matter any of your relatives in this world, do remember to capture these moments and make an impact not just on yours but on the person’s life as well. It just so may happen that one day or some day the same person reads your article or sees a picture of you, and you become the reason for a smile on his or her face. They say no one dies and that every person whom you love keeps an eye on you and on whatever you do. If that’s true, here is a message for my Grandpa if he ever gets to read this in any form in present or future. I would just like to say to him, ” Love you Grandpa and I hope you are happy reading this from your grandson.” This echo of love was way more powerful than any echo I ever heard in my life for it made me do things I never imagined myself to be doing. Embrace the echoes in your lives, only you have the power to feel your echo and use it to #MakeAnImpact.

    Akshay Varma,

    Author and Founder at ThinkwizardX

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