The Darkness : Revealing the Truth behind the Shadows

Join me on the quest to decode the bright side of the darkness that lies within all of us. Today is the best time to reflect on our dark secrets.

The Darkness
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On 25th June, deep in thoughts I was resting at my home and all the lights around me were switched off. My brother entered the room and turned the lights back on. In no time the room was enlightened with every possible light source available around. It was this little moment, which paved way for something BIG which even I never wondered about. It was this little push, a little spark that made me think on this very topic. But it wasn’t until the beginning of this October that i actually decided to write on such a mysterious topic. So, the important and obvious question here would be what so special happened this month which led to the introduction of “THE DARKNESS”!!!?

One evening, there was power cut in our flat. Unfortunately, we (Me and my friends) were the only people to suffer but I never knew this suffering would yield an entirely new perspective for me. Due to power cut, I was at first feeling a bit boring as well as lazy. I slept for few hours in the afternoon and when I woke up, it was easy for me to make out that the situation hasn’t changed much. It was evening time, being bored by the absence of light and being annoyed by the situation, we finally decided to get ourselves out for a ‘Light walk‘ you could say. The matter of importance here was, as soon i entered the lighted street and the beautiful environment around, which was so much isolated to me at least for the last few hours, I became so delighted and energized that it’s hard to describe the same in any set of words. Tons of thoughts ran through my brain, and I was as if drugged to THINK constantly over the matter again and again. I would try to present all my ideas and thoughts before you and I hope I be able to uncover those important jewels in the heart of “THE DARKNESS”!!!

How do you describe the darkness??? How does any common person describe this phenomenon???

A Cold, Dark, Bad, Mysterious, Scary; these descriptions are the ones you will most probably hear from your friends or colleagues. To be frank with you, if I were to judge these descriptions, I would never have accepted them to be the real sort of descriptions in the context of the darkness. These are mere expressions of us, the humans towards the darkness, and as far as I know this will not alter the real definition nor will it affect it anyhow. Our expression and reactions to the activities of nature are not the properties or qualities of the same. This concludes two things, the first is that we are WRONG when we label our expressions as definitions and secondly this concludes that there is a lot more in store to discover for all of us!!!

Have you ever noticed why you sometimes feel angry though you describe yourself as a calm, patient and loving person? Have you ever questioned your assumed qualities over your actual behavior in practical life? You don’t need to email me your answer, just be truthful to yourself. Around 80% of the people reading this would answer negatively. Now, how can I say that? It’s so because we humans by default are not in comfort to question our descriptions and assumptions. All we do is believe that what we speak is true… what we think is true… what we assume is probably true!!! Our mind, heart and the body are the three most powerful tools needed to function our life. Our slightest of the misconception in life about what we assume and what we are can affect our lives drastically. A single disturbance caused to these three guys, alter our way of reacting to any situation regardless of who the other person is. In short, our descriptions about self-do not match our real qualities. This is the result of “Being in Darkness for a long period of time”, if this happens, always remember one thing, it’s your time for a Light Walk now!!!


One peculiar and interesting thought came to my mind this week. It was about the scary side of darkness. I wondered why darkness always connected with people is getting scared. For a nice explanation i would like you to travel with me through the series of questions i went through during this interesting discussion with myself.

  • What is the reason behind the odd behavior of people in the darkness?
  • If the place were not dark, but flooded with light all around, how would then be the reaction of that person?

Now, the above reactions are obvious for anyone to imagine and frame in one’s mind, so what was the factor which led to changes in the manner in which the person responded to the surrounding? Many similar questions went through my mind, giving the conclusion that it’s not the darkness which is to be blamed here. Rather, it’s the fact that people feel insecure, feared, repelled, etc. from themselves. In fact, it’s not just about the physical darkness that we see but the abstract ones too. Social darkness, academic darkness, Political and Economic darkness all these add up to the level of illusions one carry in life.

So much said about the darkness, till now I gave you the reasons and the places where the negative part of it comes into act. But, there is the other side of it too, the better one. Let’s talk a bit scientific this time. When we say, a ray of light through the darkness, we actually mean that if there is nothing then there is always DARKNESS, in short even when there is nothing, there is actually something. Physicists call it the DARK ENERGY. No one is able to explain it satisfactorily nor it is that easy to prove. But it’s non-negotiable that there exists such kind of thing out there. In our practical life, when everything that we have is lost, when all our relations are broken, when all our support is broken both emotional and financial then all we have is HOPE!!! Just solely and isolated HOPE!!! The Darkness is all about that little hope in nowhere. The beginning of all the major achievements in life and the root cause of greatness in life. It is the source of inspiration and the actual energy required to function ourselves. Remember our three tools; the mind, the heart and the body, when they are shaken off in darkness, they react drastically and most often negatively.


Normally light is attached with the good words like hope, success, trophies, happiness, etc. Darkness is often neglected when we talk about its usefulness. The reason people choose light over darkness is that light is easy to see, it is easy to enjoy, it is comfortable to feel and it is bright enough to eradicate the feeling of insecurity at least in practical terms. Darkness on the other hand is bitter in taste; it’s never easy to imagine the usefulness about its qualities. People find it hard and uncomfortable to enjoy its taste and are often considered DIFFERENT in practical terms. There is no point in explaining you all the visible results we have today where we clearly see the darkness having a positive role. You all know it already, and are well aware of its consequences in life. The thing which is the need of the hour is, to accept one thing; our expressions aren’t the reality and our vision is never the source of reality!!! Appreciation of “THE DARKNESS” is so very important in this world of illusions and confusions that it would practically be impossible for a normal human to achieve anything believing in something that doesn’t practically exist!!!


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