The Zero: Revealing the Magic in Life

It is only when you embrace the hidden opportunities that you will be able to change your destiny, that you will be able to change yourself. This is “The Zero“, a small gap in between our everyday life crises and sufferings which leads us to our destiny or which our destiny to us.

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Something that sounds so mathematical yet is as real and philosophical as it should be. “The Zero“, is finally here!!! Our very first article in the series was, “The Darkness“, and it focused on what we can acquire from the darkest portions of our life. Followed by this was, “The Mask“, which briefly explained how a person can adapt to changes and about the role that a mask plays in lives of people. Now today we are at yet another level of magic, “The Zero“. One word that has been flowing in and out of my mind since the inception of this experience and the ignition of this energy is, “The Zero“, which is so powerful that I refuse to label this just a typical article. It would be an insult to the divine energy that lies ahead and instead call it a magical wave in our ocean of ideas. Now that I have given you a short description over the matter that we dealt with so far, without investing much time let us jump directly to our main hero of the story.

It was the evening of 19th November, an evening I would never forget in my life, an evening which paved way for the establishment of this wave, an evening that gave me the missing links to my ideas. I am a Movie Maniac, a movie does to me what physics and mathematics did to Einstein. Every time I watch a movie, there is something that flows through me, we typically call it Goosebumps but I feel a divine touch. That sensation carries a message and it has always been this way, that every time I watch a movie in cinema theatre, I can feel, I can read, I can see the message as clear as crystal. This happened during the release of a Bollywood movie named, “PK“. Before the movie began, I was confident enough to receive similar messages from such a movie. I enjoyed the entire session and the movie was about to get over. I felt as if this was a false alarm sort of thing and I will have to go home without a message. Just then something happened, something that was so unusual that something in it gave me a message or you can say I was able to extract a message. What exactly happened should be your obvious question!!!? It is hard to describe in simple words so it would be way better if I tell you the real and exact message through a short story . . .


“Have a nice day Papa!!!”, greeted my daughter as I was leaving for the office.

I practically ignored her and left as if I didn’t hear anything. Is that rude? Well, when you have 40 files to check and 20 projects to submit by the end of the week in a situation similar to mine, I guess you will understand the pain and struggle I go through fighting all my life with myself, with the drunken destiny progressing nowhere and actually deteriorating my condition day after day. But I never knew that – my destiny wasn’t that rude, I was!!!

“Oh, here comes the A.R.Rahman of the future!!!”, one of my friend said as I walked past  him.

Actually I used to sing when I was in school, but gradually my life turned this way. Today, I work as a stock broker at one of the most popular places. Needless to say, I was very rich!!! I mean I am very rich!!! Yeah, this happens many times when I talk about myself. Anyway I can go on and on with the list of daily pranks or irritating versions of me but I feel it will be better if we directly jump to the main part here.

One fine evening, I was quite happy. I completed my projects and checked the list of connections in time and was praised the entire day by the seniors and the other friends. You can say I was at my highest level of enjoyment. I threw a small party at my house that night and was delighted to have all my near ones a part of my celebration. I was so narrow minded that the entire evening I was much occupied with myself rather than focusing on others happiness. The Party was over; every person was leaving one after the other. All this work and enjoyment made me so tired and arrogant that I didn’t even care to wait for the guests and friends to leave. I was informed later that I slept one hour before the party got over. This may give you a slight idea of the level of ego, pride, arrogance that was filled in me. But what happened that night changed me as a person completely.

As I mentioned I wasn’t aware of the time I slept but I was aware of the location where I slept, home obviously. To my surprise, when I woke up I couldn’t see clearly, it was a blurred image and it took some time for me to clear the dust off my eyes so that I could make out where I was. Just then, I heard a voice.

“Sir, please will you lend me 5 bucks. I am very hungry and I have no money!!!”

I wasn’t able to see that girl but anyhow I wasn’t prepared to sacrifice even 5 bucks for the little girl. I shouted angrily on her and was sure that she left when I heard her footsteps fade away. The dust over my eyes was off by now, and I could open my eyes. To be frank, the first words that came out of my mind when I opened those eyes were… OMG!!!

What I saw… and experienced was so pure and divine, that even my eyes couldn’t resist the tears to roll down. I saw my daughter… everywhere… at every place… on every street I see… and you know what was she saying…???

“Sir, please will you lend me 5 bucks. I am very hungry and I have no money!!!”

Same words… again and again!!!

I observed more carefully, I was wearing a lavish suit, the same I wore for the party. But it was just the suit, there was no money, no respect, no love… nothing!!! The Only thing around me was a girl, the familiar face of a daughter, the never ending thirst for food, and my helplessness. I had no money but the girl just won’t stop repeating the words. I guess my lavish outlook may have illusionized her to believe that I have money and that I may help her. But the fact was I couldn’t, and now it pained me because the girl was constantly praying for money, crying buckets in front of my eyes, begging for something I was always proud of, the money, the fame, the luxury. One by one, every girl around me, came closer and closer, I was surrounded by a dozen of girls by now. I was terrified by the level of pain in their hearts and was carried away by the energy around. I started to feel as if something in me was WRONG, something in me is FAKE, something in me is NOT ME… I screamed aloud and jumped away from everything. And here was I, lying motionless, amazed, confused, startled at the kind of nightmare I just had. I drank a glass of water placed nearby and tried to sleep. But that thing was still there, so clear that I could still hear the voice of my daughter and the never ending pain in the moment. Somehow, i spent my night and as I was not able to sleep all night, I decided to take a morning walk. Normally I hate morning walks, but today was a different day and I was unsure if this was the correct thing to do but something in me forced me to believe in the power of time and destiny. A few blocks away from my home, as I was passing by, a beggar stopped me from behind.

“Sir, please will you lend me 10 bucks. I am hungry and I have no money!!!”

For the first time in my life, I was surprised and happy at the same moment. Nature played a fair game, to show the correct path to an egoistic and arrogant person and lead him to become a loving and caring person. I hugged the beggar as if he was my daughter, and invited him at my home for breakfast. Seeing the smile on his face, I was happy yet again. But this time, it was not about money or ego or arrogance but this time it was about the lesson I learned.

Similar to my story, you people may also have certain belongings. My belongings were EGO, ARROGANCE and FAME which made me ignore the divinity in nature and become self-centered. You may also have similar belongings viz. a student may have laziness, ego, greed, etc against his/her competitors. Similar to my story, there will be one or many occasions when you people will be on the highest level of happiness ever and when your negative belongings will force you to disrespect the whole world but you. Similar to my story, you will face a nightmare sometime around in your life, either with closed eyes or maybe with open eyes as well, and then you will clearly feel the pain and the thirst  for love around you. Similar to my story, you will have inner instinct to do something, either a morning walk or may be an evening walk or something very different that will raise a question in your mind, “Am I doing the correct thing?” Similar to my story, you will be approached by your hero, in my case the hero who pulled me out of the misery was the beggar, in your case it could be anyone… And it is only when you embrace this hidden opportunities that you will be able to change your destiny, that you will be able to change yourself. This is “The Zero“, a small gap in between our everyday life crises and sufferings which leads us to our destiny or which our destiny to us.


“The Zero”, is not any unique or revolutionary concept but the hidden meaning behind the principles of this heroic character in our life is very special. Friends, we all live on a single planet, still we have many sections and separations, still we live as if we all not one. Somewhere this Diversity in Unity is creating problems for the humanity. The practical life has now become sort of glamorous, it has become so famous that the true and pure principles of life are day by day vanishing in this modern fashioned world. The stroke of practical life sometimes damages a person not just from the outside but from deep within as well. It not only has the power to break your practical life relations with people but also disconnect the divine connection with that powerful energy. At such times, a man needs a support to live and a guide to help him climb his way back. You may still find a few people in this world willing to help those on their way back to glory but that number is disappointing.  At such times, “The Zero“, is the only hero that can save you from whichever story you are stuck into. It gives you a hope… a trust… and a belief that all will be fine someday. That hope and belief is enough to guide you your way back to glory. And I mean it when I say this to you today because this has happened with me and it is very likely that the same goes for you all.

“Few years down the line, there will be a time when you will having nothing to live for, to grow for, to rise to, to smile for, to love to and nothing to die for as well. You will be alone… in an isolated dream of yours, locked up in the mask of practicality. At that instant, pull up the layer of darkness, eliminate the masks over you and embrace the zero’s in your life. Those are indeed your hero’s to heaven!!!”

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