TIME: An Illusion OR A Reality?

Time is a precious commodity for people. However, it is also one of the mysterious phenomena of the Universe. This article decodes some of the secrets of time.

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“Once Upon a Time”…We often start our stories with this statement and i cant even guess how many times i came across this one..but what is actually that we are talking about??? Time is something which we don’t really understand even today.There are many attempts to unlock its mystery but they somewhat stay just as an Opinion.But as far we know our small efforts in presenting an Opinion ultimately adds up to unlock its Mystery.This is my small effort which according to me stands high in Priority !!!

So “Time : Illusion or Reality”,after reading this title i am sure some of may argue even if this question is valid !!! We all experience the effect of time..Billions of people are chasing time..Many are wasting it for many Reasons and Some are Using it for some reason but the experience of dealing with time is different for everybody…!!! I have seen many people who blame the scarcity of time for their failure.And i hope you too have witnessed such situations when you feel that provided time is not sufficient for your work.When i heard this again and again i started to question those person but they do not seem to talk about any absolute reality.Some considered it impossible to complete the work in given time,others blamed their life for being the way it is so they cannot do it..so on..For few days i did not find any reasonable question to think upon because we are so much entangled in the Ocean of Time that we all are unable to escape its reach.But at a certain instant i got something powerful indeed to raise my question to the Universe,”Is this Time an Illusion?”…”Is it really inevitable?”…”Is it a Reality indeed?”…”Is it really impossible to beat this race of time?”… Think for yourself…

Remember the feeling you experience that makes you feel time was running faster than at a certain moment.Remember when you sit for studying a topic you are not interested in but have to because of the examinations you feel like a minute corresponds to hour but when you study your favorite subject you don’t even realize how fast the time passed on..and so on !!! This daily experiences tells us that its not just TIME which is running but our thoughts too and those are interfering the way of Time works.But what exactly is the effect our thoughts have on Time??? One common thing you observe in above examples is that whenever you feel time is running slow,your thoughts were directing towards a certain specific point.If you are not interested in the work you were doing then your thoughts will not be focused on that very topic but instead on some other topics like any film star or your favorite food item..etc.On the other side whenever you feel the time is running fast you are focused on some particular topic you are comfortable with.So according to this and many similar daily life experiences we come to know that our thoughts play a major role in defining the way we feel the effect of Time.

Apart from such situations there is one special and most abundant life situation where we see people not only experience time varying its speed but also are affected by it drastically.One such example talks about students life.Exams…Assignments…Homework’s…these are the mandatory guests in life of a student.These play a very important role in providing a backbone of Knowledge to any student but sometimes it results in disastrous situation in life.A few months from now there will be a number of Exams viz. Board Exams,Entrance Exams,etc.Remember the day when you came to know about the dates of Examinations.As soon as you hear them you PANIC !!! I am sure you all would agree that such type of news makes anyone to panic.But now follow me closely… Panic For What and Why??? (Always question yourself in strange situations.It helps us understand the truth and cleaning the dirt over our thoughts) The Answer is… Before we knew the dates we all were free.Free to study…Free to Enjoy…Free to do whatever we wish to do..right???There was no restriction neither on our thoughts nor on our actions.But as soon as we came to know about our Examinations there is a sensation of boundedness to our thoughts and actions.We are bound in the Time period of only few months to complete everything right from our learning to revisions.According to me,”When you place a benchmark in your life or when you set your train of life to arrive at certain station,you will always have a fear of not able to reach the same!!!”

We humans have self constructed such a system or i think i should either say a Twisted System where we are giving birth to unwanted fear and killing the free will of billions of people to do what they wish to do…!!!Around 99% of those students all around the world will say,”Its not much time left for our Exam,so study fast and make sure you complete every single chapter and revision” But is this beneficial action…NO!!! Think for yourself…

When a student believes that there is less time he will do anything but panic and try anyhow to beat the time.This never guarantees success but it does make sure you feel pressurized and trapped.After knowing the dates of exams only 1% of students in this world will dare to say,”Ok”.I bet you are either laughing or giving strange expressions to this answer.Let me tell you such answers mean a lot in life because “Silent Nature is more beautiful than Violent Nature”…Thats my style to present an idea in intense words.All it points to is that the role of Date of Exams is only to provide the info about the day of Exam.There are thousands of ways in which we can interpret it but there is only one absolute way which is very Rare.Just imagine if everyday i tell you how many days are left for your Exam,how terrified you will be about the same.So again we conclude that Time depends upon how we feel about it.If you trap yourself in a so called Time Trap you will surely feel your Time is Limited and if you free yourself from this Time trap you will really understand the significance of your life and more importantly you will discover your hidden power too…

“As you sow,so shall you reap”,the same way as you think so you feel.Scientifically this concept provides a lot more opportunities to explain Time in brief but for all Non-Science people this theory reflects the study of experimental analysis of Time in our day to day life.As you are reading this post right now,i am sure some of you may like it and of course some may dislike it but now comes the greatest surprise.All those who felt a bit bored reading this post,you all will have definitely felt in a way longer to read because Time was running slow for you and for all those who enjoyed reading my post,you probably feel good because Time was running fast for you…

Before ending my theory i would like to say few words to each and every person reading this,”Do not fear the after-effects of future due to illusion of Time neither panic or race to beat the Time.Live every second of your life in the very same second i.e Live in this very Moment and then you will realize that,”Time is Honey,Taste it”…!!!

So now i leave it up to you to think on this question and decide for yourself,”Is Time a Reality or Illusion???”

Thank You for reading and i hope you like it…

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