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The Whispers of Allegory : A Fantasy (Episode 2)

This episode is a part of 2 Episode Series “The Whispers of Allegory“. The Scenes are continued from the 1st Episode climax. Click here to read the 1st Episode and feel the emotions strong like a storm yet quiet enough to kill.

Nobody spoke. The silence continued. Only the trees spoke in a rustling speech. The storm was nearing. The clouds were beginning to thunder. The trees were beginning to cry out.

But between the two strangers, silence. Calm.

Calm before the storm? One would wonder.

“What about heights?” Jack asked, slightly raising his voice to make himself heard over the rising wind. He was now standing close to the rails of the balcony, facing Scarlet, holding a glass of white wine which he had procured somewhere between their intriguing conversation. She was perched atop the rails, her legs crossed, revealing a considerable portion of her naked leg. Her right hand was clutched tightly around her goblet of wine while her left hand clutched the rails.

“Yeah, they are scary. I guess,” she said. There was a hint of bemusement and laughter in her voice. She was drunk. But she had enough consciousness in her to know that she liked Jack. She was awake enough to know that she was having a real conversation. Nothing like she ever had with any boy. It probably had been over an hour but she didn’t seem to mind his company. The voices in her head had died down after all.

“You guess?” Jack asked.

“Well, I have only ever looked out onto the street from a two-storey building. Never higher than that! I haven’t ever been scared of that, though I don’t really know if that qualifies as height!” Scarlet replied. She was smiling widely. Her guard was slowly falling down as midnight crept up into the sky; as the wind rose.

“There’s always that, isn’t it? The question of subjectivity. Relativity,” Jack wondered. He gulped a bit of his drink. He seemed drunk too. But he could clearly maintain his composure. Scarlet seemed to like that.

“Indeed. Everything’s relative in the world,” she sighed. Looking up at the clouded sky, she continued. “What’s right to me maybe wrong to you. What’s true for me maybe false for you…”

“What’s real for you may not be for others,” Jack said, interrupting her words.


What did he say? Something about reality?

That seemed to ring a bell in Scarlet’s head. But… What?

“You are intriguing,” she said.

“Why, thank you!” he said. A little lustful smile appeared on his lips.

The clouds had started thundering harder. The wind was now rushing through the open hair of Scarlet, beginning to howl in languages unknown.

They were drunk.

Her guard had fallen.

She leaned in downwards. His arm slipped around her waist. Their lips locked together in a moment of passionate kiss. The stars had hidden under the thick clouds to give them privacy. Only the wind howled and thunder rumbled. Very close.

The storm was here.

The rain pelted down in enormous droplets. The trees swayed violently, threatening to break their spine in response to the fearsome thunders piercing the thick cloak of clouds that had adorned the midnight sky. The wind was screaming like a chained animal trying to break free.

Outside, the storm was wrecking the silence of midnight.

Inside, the silence of Scarlet’s soul was being wrecked by a sense of fiery passion.

The warmth of Jack’s love travelled through her entire body. The fire of the passion melted her thawed heart. Her sharp cries of passion filled the hotel room. His kisses burnt through her cold skin. Their desires knew no bound. They rose higher with the storm outside.

The storm and the wind drowned out the rapid rustling of bed sheets as her fingernails dug into his skin. The sound of the rain muffled her ecstatic moans as he brought her up to an uncontrollable climax. The stars refused to peep out of the clouds to watch them fall in each other’s arms, exhausted, bathed in each other’s sweat and drift off to sleep.

One moment of lust. One moment of unrestrained desire. And the next moment, everything was over.

There was silence now. Inside and outside. Scarlet slept. Peacefully, with a smile on her lips.

By now, the storm was over too.

Sunlight streamed through the glass panes of the window. Raindrops glistened on leaves; reminder of the storm which brought havoc the last night. Golden spots were dancing in front of Scarlet’s eyes. She crinkled her nose and opened her eyes.

She was on her back. Naked. The sheet pulled over her. For a quick second she envisioned last night and a broad grin spread on her face. She had never before had such a passionate night before. She didn’t care if it was just an act of lust.

She turned around to the other side of the bed and as if to validate her suspicion that the night was a pure act of lust, the other side was empty. No sign of Jack. He had left. She scoffed. But she didn’t mind. The night was good. And over. Now it was time for her to go on about the day.

She slowly sat up on the bed. Clutching her sheet to her naked breast, she rubbed her eyes and looked around.


A sinking feeling materialized in the pit of her stomach. A cold feeling spread through her veins.

She looked around frantically. A look of panic smeared her beautiful face.

This was not a hotel room. This was her own room. Her own bed. Her own bed sheet. She looked closely at the other side of the bed. The side was neatly made. It wasn’t crumpled like it should have been. The night had been one of extreme lust.

Her breathing got rapid. Had she…? Not a dream. But… The entire night? The entire episode? How long?

The voices began their battle inside her head. It was unbearable. She realized what had happened. She threw away her sheet and climbed out of the bed. Clutching her hands on either side of her head, as if to silence the voices, she rushed to her bathroom. Tears streamed through her cheeks.

The golden sunlight fell on the table beside her bed. It glistened on her a vial of medicine which stood on a rectangular piece of paper. The paper looked suspiciously like a doctor’s prescription.

A doctor’s prescription bearing the names of medicines for schizophrenia for a certain patient named Scarlet Rose.

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