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Why We Do What We Do? – An Article That Answers Your Questions!

Why We Do What We Do? by Akshay Varma | ThinkwizardXThis is Akshay Varma and on this platform I feel absolutely amazing to share something which is indeed need of the hour. All these are my ideas based on observations, experience and life !!! Before I begin my “THEORY” I would like to make one thing clear that my views may not necessarily suit your lifestyle and this may not be ‘THE ONE’ solution for your problem, so feel free to leave a suggestion in the comment section below this article so that I may help you, your Way!!

Case I :

Today in this world more than a million students are going through that stage in life when Study and Career Planning are the only two major Goals. All those students start their Journey in life with a Fresh and Enthusiastic Mindset about their Future. They dream of Success, they dream of achievements, they dream of becoming an overnight sensation, they dream and dream and keep on dreaming. This makes them Happy and Energetic in Life. But if I am not wrong and if you are honest to yourself then most of them don’t really get along even with the most popular Motivational Speeches or Videos or even if they feel they have greatest interest in their Work. Why???

Case II:

This is very Common Observation on this Blue Planet that almost all the people use this statement. “If Only I had not done that…”. You realize what I am up to, right? People do something then they doubt on the Usefulness or doubt on their capability to take judgements!! It seems quite stupid if we see it through a different frame of reference but nobody sees it that way because not everybody Can!! (You are lucky if you can) For Example, when people are offered with a certain opportunity they deny to participate in it at first sight but then regret doing the same. Why??? Similarly lots and lots of situations in life when you question yourself WHY?? I am sure you have experienced some of them and if i were to mention them all then i don’t think the readers will like it. So these were some of the situations that gave birth to the $64,000 question.. WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO???


My theory is filled with taste of philosophical ideas of mine so pay attention to what follows.
In our entire life, if we need to mention something which is very often and plentiful then I would say it is Decision Making. People think that only our Mind is responsible for taking decisions. Of course it does but because the Mindset of today’s generation demands more clarity and more nominations. According to me, we inhibit Decision making acts through three Major Factors. Mind, Heart and the Human Body.

Now you may think Mind and heart are quite Agreeable but from where does the Human Body come into picture?? Well I tell you it was always there, if you wish to know why did it not come in picture for the last 300-400 years as major one then you are welcomed in Comments Section. In a very straight forward way I would quickly tell you what are the functions these three big guys play in our Theory.

Mind: This section is responsible for studied reactions over the experimental results in the course of activities performed in our life. It sometimes guides us but most of the time confuses us.

Heart: This section reacts to those minor but powerful acts of nature that affect humanity and the very foundation of life. It doesn’t need time to think upon and most of the time it triggers revolutions in life with Unique moves.

Human Body: This section known for the powerful and physical way of fighting with all material world may provide a better opt in those situations but mostly is responsible for all kind of anti-thoughts that pull back human from approaching towards their goal in life.

To Explain it in a more realistic and satisfying way lets take a ever day life Scene. To make it more easy to understand I would draw your attention to one common thing i.e Waking up in the Morning!! Some People like me wake up early at 6-7 and carry out different activities like Pranayam, Meditation, Morning walk, Exercise, etc but I have seen many people worry about How to wake up early and they search for solutions on the web and seek advice from elders but still can’t solve the problem. The solution is hidden in themselves and I hope this theory helps you to some Extent. So imagine it is almost 6 am and you are struggling to wake up but somehow puzzled if you really should or not. Here is what our Characters say that moment. Listen to them and if I am correct about their reactions then just Smile and I’ll be Happy.

Human body:Oh..So you wanna wake up!! Listen dude you have been working all yesterday and if wake up so early will it be a justice to me. I know you want to be punctual and really perfect like other actors or like an ideal person but you know what there is nothing Ideal in Science. Also no danger is gonna happen if you sleep for just few more minutes..
(If you listen to it and go back to sleep for few more minutes you know whats going to happen…!!! )

Mind: Oh! So you think you really should wake up now??? Listen just ask yourself what you will do if you wake now. OK you will exercise and all but then you will get tired and you also have your classes and homework to complete..Do u think your tired mind and body will be able to do that..if u think so then don’t forget what happened last time..Look if you sleep now for few more minutes then it wont happen as it happened before and you will also get some rest so that you can feel more fresh ahead in your day…So don’t worry just Sleep !!!
(Mind analyses every single part and confuses your mind to do what it feels practical at the time.Mind is more towards being Practical in Life)

Heart: Oh! So you think you should wake up now..?? Hmm whats the time its 6 am. Sun will just rise now and very cool breeze will enter your life.If you wanna exercise i think its the perfect time and it is very beneficial for you and your health to get Pure air. I think there is no doubt in the fact that Lets move on !!! (Heart stresses on the very foundation of Life and presents a beautifully and justified picture of life before you)

Now having heard the statements of all the three Guys in our Conversation. Its the time for you to decide With whom you want to approach your life?

If you listen to your body and feel that it has a Point in its own then its OK but the fact is our body when it is very Healthy and Muscular and Well maintained even then in sleep it can force us to follow its way then just think for a moment what if your leg is paining or your arm is paining..If you surrender yourself in this situation then i don’t even need to ask you at that time. People who are physically challenged manage to live their life as happily as someone who is a Billionaire in himself. How???

If you Listen to your Mind and feel that you should probably stay on bed then its okay but the fact is that its good enough to use the power of mind for making judgements and thinking about different kind of situations. But according to me humans are gifted with so many tools in our life like our Mind, our Hands, our Legs, our Eyes etc and all these are created for some special and unique Purpose. Likewise our Mind is designed to think about situations like i did in the view of this theory or ideas. Mind is designed to provide us ability to think and rethink on every aspect.The decisions that our Mind takes may or may not be in sync with our heart so its good to listen to it but something else dominates on this decisions. It is our Heart!

May it be Soldiers, Police Officers. May it be Ministers, Workers, Politicians. May it even be Criminals, terrorists, thieves. No matter who the person is, I bet you have experienced that when Country’s National Anthem is Sung they stand in respect to our Motherland !!! When it comes to protect the dignity and respect for a Women. When it comes to change the laws for the betterment of Country, When a parent sees the child crying, When public get together to protest against the Injustice in some area and many more!! These all are not triggered because people think it will be appropriate or perfect time.

People stand during National Anthem not because today they are healthy and fit to stand. People do not protest against injustice because somebody has to or because they are forced to. All this is born only because there is a strong, powerful, intense feeling in our heart which is so directed and Firm that we follow what is to follow. I don’t think any one of you reading this would deny on the fact that,” Heart never Lies ” and History speaks – People who follow their Heart achieve great heights in their life.These are Special People and nowadays i would add that these are Uncommon people. Their ideas are very Uncommon and though they face difficulties they come through and that’s what makes them Unique!

So all that I want to conclude from this theory of mine is that you should always listen to your Heart no matter how tough or Unrealistic it seems. Difficulties and Hurdles will come but i remember a statement from Steve Jobs that says,”It was bitter taste in Medicine but i guess the Patient needed it !!” All your life you will taste many Flavors and its better to taste something bitter now so that you can enjoy better in not so distant future. Good Luck !!!

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