Will You Accept Me As Your Friend?
Will You Accept Me As Your Friend?
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We all have our memories from the past. We store each and every moment in a storehouse deep in our consciousness. Time and again, we go back down the memory lane and visit this storehouse of memories. It makes us happy and sad but more importantly it tells us that we have grown up; it reminds us that we have great friends in life. Life, that was a blank sheet when we were born has now turned into a colorful canvas shining bright. We are never alone in our journey. We need people; we need friends. Someone who can put a smile on our face in times of struggles. Someone who will guide us along the path of oblivion. Past is always the best part of our lives. However, to make the best of our future, we need friends.

This article is addressed to my friends, friends of friends and to everyone who ever had a friend. Having said that, this is also addressed to those who are searching for a friend in this vast network of people. This is also directed to those who are struggling with their friends, who doubt their friends, who love their friends, who hate their friends, who find this world full of betrayals, who see this world full of supporters, who are gifted with hundreds of helping hands, who think they are cursed with empty hands; this article is my single best effort in making a difference.

We need moments of senseless enjoyment so we can let go off our burdens and smile.

FRIEND, one word that binds people together from all sorts of discrimination and establishes a strong bond. All our life we have been surrounded by people. From the day we were born, until we die, we will be surrounded by people from all around the world. Yet, in the 20 years of my life so far, I could hardly call even 1% of the people I met, as my friends. A friend is a kind of bond that surpasses all other attachments. There is no commitment, only dedication. There is no deadline, only desire to help. There is no superior or inferior, only equal.

If you scan all your bonds excluding the parental bond you have with your parents, you will realize that the bond with friends is really the most powerful in our lives. However, nowadays even the bonds we share with our parents, require a certain level of friendly nature to maintain the balance and sustain itself. From time to time, we all need a tap at the back for the work we do. We all need moments of senseless enjoyment so we can let go off our burdens and smile. We all need someone who will share our happiness, our sadness, our anger, our stupidity and our craziness so we know that we aren’t alone. GOOD NEWS! We already have such friends in our lives. I am sure that all of you, my readers, must be having someone who you can call a FRIEND. However, not everyone in this world is lucky.

When I go down memory lane, in my initial days at school, I see myself. I see myself, sitting in my classroom attending lectures. I see myself, playing on the playground. I see myself, reading books in the library. I see myself, completing my homework. I see myself, laughing at my favorite comedy movie. I see myself, crying at the sensation of sadness. When I imagine my past, I see myself doing everything a child is supposed to do and what a human is supposed to face in life. The problem though, was that in all my images and my imagination, I saw only myself. I attended my lectures sitting in a corner of the class. I played on the playground, alone and away from my other classmates. I read books in library, finding a place entirely away from other people. I enjoyed my favorite movies and cried at my failures in solitude. We all began in the same way. Every person on this planet, started from zero. No Friends. There was practically, not a single person whom I might call a friend back then, yet when I see myself today, things are quite different. Today, I attend my lectures with my friend circle. I read books with my friends (Unless its my favorite book!). I play with my friends, I laugh with my friends and sometimes I cry with my special friends. How did that happen?

Friendship is way beyond any change.

You may argue that people change over time and I would agree, except it has nothing to do with friendship. Friendship is way beyond any change. I have been friends with people from the last ten years and more. Surely they have changed but our friendship stays firm. Similarly, you may have been friends from a long long time before, they change, you change but your friendship stays firm. Friendship is far more powerful than one can ever imagine.

The Power of Acceptance:

Against all odds, rumors and beliefs when people treat you the right way then practically they accept you as you are. Somehow, I accepted them and they accepted me. Our tolerance level is what determines our ability to live and the quality of life. People with higher tolerance levels know the boundaries of their friends and opponents while those with not enough tolerance never get chance to know them as they react before they even get time to think consciously. The reason why Acceptance is important is best understood by people who are never accepted.

Rahul was such a person who was never accepted by his peers. He was not so scholar. He was neither a good looking person nor a cool guy around the college. However, one thing that separated him from others was his listening abilities. He was the best listener among his peers. Is that really that important? Yes! Indeed. Imagine that you approach someone to share your feelings of sadness or just talk to someone about your dreadful past or discuss some emotionally driven topic. Without good listening abilities, the conversation will never stand for long. You would probably have to digest the fact that you have no one to listen to, in times of pain which is a terrible thing to happen. Inspite his good behavior, Rahul never made into their friend list. Sadly, he wasn’t the only person rejected.

Shweta, a topper from her division was never accepted by anyone due to her dominant style and superior knowledge. She was good looking and very polite. Despite her politeness, nobody cared to approach her. Is that really that important? Yes! Indeed. A brilliant mind with polite nature is just what you might need in the face of academic crisis.

Manish, yet another college student but with a different nature. He failed in high school twice and was unable to make any friends in his college. Is he really that important? Yes! Indeed. Fighting his struggles with a fearsome attitude, making his way through the failure of life and surging ahead despite the stereotypes was the story of Manish. He had great motivational skills, ability to lift someone up and a guide who will never abandon his friend. This isn’t a story of one, two or three people. There are countless students, teenagers and adults out there who are in desperate need for a friend.

People need people to make people into humans.

People back away from others who possess certain aspects superior to them. People dislike others who possess a certain quality that might compromise their social status. I am not sure, for what reason they tend to reject someone but no rejection is worth it. Without understanding the person, it is an act of shame for the person to reject. We all have friends and smart enough we have sorted our own special list. We have few friends when we are sad, we have few when we want to party, we have few others when we feel like studying and many more. People need people to make people into humans. You are lucky to have them, but please remember to think about those who are not so lucky. You think that it was your personality, your abilities, your good looks, your behavior that won you friends? YOU ARE WRONG! Never dwell on these reasons if you wish to maintain your bonds. Any ability you possess might one day be useless, any good looks you possess will perish eventually, any behavior you possess will be taken away from you because (remember) you will change! So, understand that the only reason you have people who care for you is either due to blood relations or because someone chose not to reject you a long time ago.

In the near future, there will come a time for you to chose whether to accept or to reject someone. Remember then, that no friend deserves to be rejected, rather they deserve to be accepted.

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